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The Human Resources department is one of the departments with the highest workload within an organization. And the fact is that the functions performed by the human resources department are very varied, since this department is responsible for managing the human capital of the entire company.

For this reason, it is increasingly common for HR departments to rely on technology and use human resources software in their day-to-day activities to manage and streamline human capital management.

In the following article we will analyze the advantages of using this type of software, the reasons why you should implement software of this type in your company and the best software on the market.

HR Management Software in UAE

What is human resources software?

We can define human resources software as a computer program through which the management of all aspects that have to do with the human capital of an organization is facilitated: payroll, vacations, absences, on boarding, candidate management, time control.

The objective of implementing human resources management software is to centralize all the information of this department in a single place, thus facilitating the work of the person in charge of directing the department.

 Advantages of implementing human resources software

 According to human resources statistics, the digitization of human resources is something that is gradually being internalized in human capital departments and its benefits are increasingly evident. According to a KMPG study, 88% of professionals who have invested in digitization consider that the investment has been worth it.

If you still do not have an Best software Development Company in Dubai implemented in your company, keep reading because we will show you the main advantages that this offers us. We are completely sure that once you know the advantages you will want to implement one in your department

Productivity increase

 As we said at the beginning of the article, human resources is one of the departments with the greatest workload within a company. With the use of software for human resources, the productivity of the department is greatly improved through the automation of processes.

Using Excel templates in HR or making manual annotations are a thing of the past. They are very ineffective methods since they require too much time, they must be updated manually and, most importantly, the information can be lost.

Cost reduction

 By automating different processes, a great saving of time is generated for those responsible for the department. This time saving translates into cost savings, since human resources personnel can spend a large part of their working hours doing other types of tasks.

At Napollo we have calculated how much time is saved using specialized software like ours and the results have been quite amazing. The human resources department can save up to 40% of time on administrative tasks.

Improved communication in the company

 This is one of the main benefits of using specific personnel management software since through its use we greatly improve communication between workers and those responsible for human resources.

For example, when a worker requests his vacations, the usual thing is that he communicates with human resources by mail or directly speaking with the person in charge. This form of communication is not very effective because as the company grows, those responsible will be overwhelmed by having to review a lot of emails or annotations.

Increased security

 It is undoubtedly one of the issues that generate the greatest concern for those responsible for the department. Can you imagine that one day you arrive at your job and that all the information in your department has been deleted?

Through the use of human capital software, any possibility of this happening is eliminated, since all information is saved in the cloud and different backup copies are made. In addition, you can limit access to the information only to the personnel who need it.

Desktop software vs cloud software

 The world of software has evolved very quickly in recent years. Until a few years ago, the usual way to use software was to purchase it, install it on our computer and use it on the same computer every time we needed it.

Currently this model has been superseded by software in the cloud . With this new format it is not necessary to install any program on our computer, since the software runs directly in the cloud (saas). Another point to keep in mind is that we can run this software from anywhere in the world and from any computer; we will simply need an Internet connection.

Therefore, the ideal today is to choose human resource management software that is hosted in the cloud so that the entire team can access from anywhere in the world and from any device. In addition, you will not have to be concerned that all the information is secure, since this type of software complies with the strictest security and data protection regulations.

 The 3 best HR software’s

 There are different types of human resources software on the market ( HRIS , HCM and HRMS ) that are aimed at satisfying a specific functionality. It is advisable in these cases to use an all-in-one software that includes the necessary functionalities of the department’s day-to-day life, reducing chaos by not having to use different software. You can also take a look at our article on how to choose Best software development Company in Dubai.

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