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Finding the best motherboard is an operation that requires preparation and analysis. To do this, the test comparison is an effective tool that the client can use. However, it is not always easy to group all the elements necessary for the relevance of the comparison. In order to help you remedy this problem, the consumer portal offers you a comprehensive comparative test for the purchase of the best motherboard. So take this comparison to make an objective opinion on the matter and to make the best decision.

Motherboard list of best products 2020

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  • What is a motherboard?

The main subject of this comparison is to find the best motherboard available on the market read there reviews from Your Self Ideal. But it is not possible to establish the comparison without really knowing what a motherboard is.

The motherboard is the main component of the central unit. It is an electronic card that interconnects all of the computer’s printed circuits between them. Its role is to centralize and ensure the processing of the data transmitted in a computer thanks to the processor, which is generally fixed on it.

The motherboard is the largest card in the computer and takes care of the hard drive, keyboard, mouse, network, disk and ports.

Information on the 7 main brands

In order to choose the best brand, it is necessary to know the reliable brands offering the best solutions in the field. Then discover in this comparison the 7 main manufacturers of motherboards.

  • Asus
  • Gigabyte
  • MSI
  • Asrock
  • NVidia
  • Intel
  • AMD

One of the brands that makes the best motherboards on the market is the Asus company . If it is in first place in this comparison, it is thanks to the many positive opinions expressed by users on the motherboards that it markets. Founded in 1989, Asus is a company of Taiwanese origin which manufactures motherboards (reason why it is included in this comparison), graphics cards, personal assistants, optical drives, desktops, laptops, cell phones, network devices, cases and cooling devices for computers. The manufacturer therefore offers a wide range of electronic devices, which makes it essential in this sector. Asus is the 5 th manufacturer of notebook computers worldwide after Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer. With sales result achieved by the company, it is ranked 8 th in the ranking of best computer designers.

How does a motherboard work?

How does a motherboard work exactly? To ensure the relevance and accuracy of the comparison dedicated to the purchase of the best motherboard on the market, it is important to understand how the motherboard works.

Considered the main pawn of a computer, the motherboard is designed in the form of a printed circuit. Several elements play an important role in the functioning of the motherboard. These include parts such as the CMOS battery, the chipset, the clock, the processor socket, the BIOS and the cooler. The latter is the element that takes care of the heat dissipation during the operation of the motherboard. It therefore plays the role of radiator and fan to prevent the melting of the circuits of the motherboard due to the production of heat during its operation. As for the BIOS, it represents the interface between the motherboard and the operating system of your computer.

The BIOS allows knowing the hardware configuration of the system. The preservation of certain essential system parameters and certain data, such as the system date and time, is provided by the motherboard via CMOS. This is what allows you to always have the time when you turn on the computer after a power outage for example. The card clock ensures synchronization of computer signals .

The motherboard also ensures the coordination of exchanges between the elements of the machine and it manages to play this role thanks to the chipset which is the electronic circuit of the motherboard. Finally, the execution of the program instructions on the motherboard level is ensured by the CPU. The speed of program instructions then depends on the frequency of the processor.

Benefits and areas of application

What are the biggest advantages of a motherboard in a comparison? If you want to use a comparison to find the best motherboard, it’s mainly for the benefits it gives you.

The best motherboard actually represents the nervous system of your laptop. It is on the motherboard that all the elements of the PC are connected. Choosing the best motherboard is essential if you want to change your configuration at a lower cost.

The best motherboard will also allow you to get the most out of peripherals which will not be limited by a card that does not demonstrate performance.

What types of motherboards are there?

One of the main selection criteria to take into account to establish a comparison and to choose the best motherboard is the type of motherboards available on the market. By listing all the types of motherboards that exist, you can make a comparison and choose the best option.

ATX motherboard

What exactly is an ATX motherboard in a comparison? Designed by the Intel brand in 1995, the ATX motherboard was the first modification to the introduction of the AT format in 1984 after the Second World War. The ATX format therefore corrects all the defects of the AT format and is considered to be an improved version. This type of motherboard exists in several forms which you will be able to differentiate especially by their dimensions and the number of connectors with which they are provided.

This motherboard is also distinguished by the presence of an ignition button that allows easy shutdown and ignition of the machine. In addition, additional connectors have been added to this format. Consequently, the ATX motherboard has more USB ports, Firewire ports, video and sound connectors, and network connectors. The various improvements made to this type of motherboard make it possible to avoid connection upside down. Finally, several versions of the ATX motherboard are available on the market: the standard ATX format, Mini-ATX, EE-ATX, E-ATX, Micro-ATX and Flex-ATX.

ITX motherboard

Description of an ITX motherboard in a winning comparisonIt is smaller than the Flex-ATX and has maintained compatibility with the ATX format in terms of the locations of the mounting holes for the housing and the power connector. There are also different versions of this format: mini-ITX, nano-ITX, pico-ITX and mobile-ITX.

The BTX motherboard

There is also another format to consider when choosing the best motherboard. The BTX format is a standard created by Intel for improving processor cooling compared to ATX.

The BTX motherboard provides a more direct route for air to pass through the front of the case, through the processor, and through the back of the case. This card exists in three forms: BTX-standard, micro-BTX and pico-BTX.

This is how the motherboard test is done

To get an opinion on the subject and designate the best motherboards on the market, users carried out tests.

To allow you to choose the best solution with our comparison, we have listed the test criteria retained by users to give a positive or negative opinion on a product.


What exactly is the compatibility of a motherboard in a comparison?The first test criterion retained by users to determine whether the motherboard can be classified in the category of best solutions is compatibility with the machine.

To perform this test, users install the card and verify that the machine is working properly. After this test, it is then possible to determine with what type of operating system the motherboard does not work.

Bus frequency

The second test criterion used by users to form an opinion on the issue is the bus frequency . It is this frequency which determines at what maximum speed the information will pass between the RAM and the processor.

Product evaluation

To make the comparison of the best motherboards, the opinion and the results of tests carried out by consumers were the main elements analyzed. Thanks to the linkage of these opinions and test results, we have designated the best motherboards on the market.

Gigabyte GA-BD45M-DS3H

The description of the Gigabyte GA-BD45M-DS3H motherboard in a winning comparisonThe first product in this comparison of the best motherboards is offered by the manufacturer Gigabyte. If it is one of the models chosen in this comparison, it is because it has been the subject of many positive reviews from users.

With the AMD B450 chipset, this motherboard represents the cornerstone of a latest generation gamer configuration. It is compatible with AMD Ryzen processors on AMD AM4 socket and supports DDR4 RAM, PCI-Express 3.0 graphics cards or SATA 6Gb / s and M.2 PCIe-NVMe disks.

The card also benefits from the quality of production and the latest technological innovations in the software and utilities that equip it. Finally, it has an RGB LED connector.

WE love:

  • Excellent performance.
  • Perfect compatibility with AMD Ryzen processors.
  • Works with solid state drives.
  • Easy to install and adjust.
  • We like less:
  • No Wi-Fi on the motherboard.
  • Some users find the Bios outdated.
  • Difficult wiring.
  • Motherboard too small.

MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

The attributes of the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard in a comparisonThe second model in this comparison is a product of the MSI brand. According to the opinions of many users, this is one of the best solutions in the field.

Offered with a military style and an optimized thermal solution to increase cooling, this motherboard is specifically intended for really demanding gamers. It offers remarkable performance and efficiency .

This MSI brand solution is compatible with AMD Ryzen processors on AMD AM4 socket. It also supports DDR4 RAM, PCI-Express 3.0 graphics cards and SATA 6 Gb / s and M.2 drives (SATA and PCIe).

WE love:

  • Excellent value.
  • This card supports fairly high RAM speeds.
  • It performs well with the latest hardwares on the market.
  • Reliable and solid.
  • We like less:
  • Map prone to bugs.
  • The integrated sound card is not working properly.


Description of the ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING motherboard in a comparisonThe latest product in this comparison is marketed by the Asus brand. And as stated above in this comparison, Asus is the world’s leading manufacturer of motherboards. Therefore, users expect excellent performance from the product.

The least we can say is that they were not disappointed! In fact, the motherboard Asus STRIX ROX Z390 E-Gaming was designed to accommodate Intel Core of the 9 th generation . It is based on the Intel Z390 Express chipset and allows the assembly of a gaming configuration with one of the most powerful processors on the market, also equipped with exclusive Asus features.

With support for PCI-Express 3.0 16x graphics cards, SATA 6B / s drives, DDR4 RAM and USB 3.1, this is one of the best state-of-the-art motherboards for lovers of video games and virtual reality.

WE love:

Easily overclock the processor.

Equipped with several fans.

Fast and responsive clock.

Excellent hybrid gaming and office card.

We like less:

The socket fails after a few days of use.

Drivers provided on a CD.

VRM (Voltage Regulator Modules) heat up a lot in overclocking.

Pros and cons described in customer reviews


  • The best motherboards have a fast, responsive clock.
  • They are excellent value for money.
  • The best cards are hybrid and can be used for gaming or office use.
  • They are equipped with several fans to accelerate cooling.
  • They support fairly high RAM speeds.
  • They are very efficient.
  • The best motherboards get started quickly.
  • They are easy to install and adjust.
  • They allow you to overclock the processor.
  • The best motherboards work perfectly with Intel and AMD processors.
  • They are also efficient with the latest hardware’s on the market.


  • Some cards have bugs during use.
  • Not all the best cards have Wi-Fi.
  • Circuit sound cards are not always efficient.
  • The socket may fail after a few uses.
  • The drivers for some models are provided on a CD.
  • During overclocking, the VRMs of some cards get very hot.
  • The Io Shield is not always integrated on the cards.
  • Wiring is sometimes difficult.
  • Some users find that some motherboards are too small.
  • The BIOS of some cards may already be exceeded.

What should you watch out for when buying a motherboard?

What should you watch out for when buying a motherboard comparison? To be sure of buying the best motherboard when you have a comparison, there are some very important points to consider.

First, you need to consider the use you want to make of it. If you are a demanding gamer, you should buy a motherboard that gives you enough power to meet your expectations.

You should also consider the type of processor you have in order to be sure of the compatibility between the CPU and the motherboard.

Alternatives to a motherboard

The motherboard represents the nervous system of the computer. Therefore, without it, your machine will not be able to function well.

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