That’s How You Prepare Walls for the Paint

Undoubtedly, preparing the walls before painting is one of the most tedious tasks, and many people prefer to skip it. Everyone wants to jump to the thrilling part of the new paint color, so it is appealing to ignore the uninteresting steps of preparing the paint. But it is necessary to consider the fact that proper paint preparation is imperative to get the desired paint color on the wall. So, skipping such steps is not an intelligent decision.

You can consider the following guidelines to prepare the paint for the walls excellently.

Take Out the Furniture and Protect Fixture

Before preparing the wall, it is somewhat indispensable to move the furniture out of the room. If it looks challenging, move the furniture to the center of the room and adequately cover them with plastic drop cloths.

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Though it involves less effort to paint the cover outlets, but it doesn’t give amazing results. For a perfect look, take out the cover plates from the switches and other outlets. Additionally, please don’t leave the ceiling fan uncovered and properly wrap them with plastic. You can use a plastic bag or painter tap to cover the doorknob to avoid dirt and dust. 

Recover Blemish

Look properly at the wall to get the appropriate idea about blemish. If you pay enough attention to discoloration and imperfections on the wall, then the paint rolls slickly and consistently. The ignorance of damaged walls can never bring polished results, so never overlook it.

You can use a putty knife to scrape off the shedding paint. If you have found the small holes in the wall, you can cover them by applying the spackling product. To dry, the wall takes some time, but apply primer on it once it’s done.

For the bigger holes, use the patch kits to cover holes is the key to getting the impeccable paint. It is not a rational verdict to leave the holes unnoticed, because color can never cover them highlights them.

Remove Dirt and Dust from Wall

If you paint the dirty wall, then prepare yourself for the unsatisfactory results. The fact is that the dirty walls can never make the painted walls look unblemished, so put some effort into this process. Take a damp towel for this purpose and clean the dirty walls thoroughly. In case you have to paint the kitchen, use soapy water to remove food splashes from the wall.

Apply Tape and Prime

Wait for the walls to dry completely and then apply the painter’s tape around the trim. It is preferable to use long tapes to avoid gaps and paint leakage. The application of primer can give a flawless look to the walls. So, apply the primer on the trim as well as on the room’s corner. Whereas, for the rest of the walls, you can use rollers as it makes the entire process less complicated.

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Final Words

If you follow all these steps correctly, you can surely get the desired paint color on the wall. Otherwise, it can waste time and effort.

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