How 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage can Cater to all Categories of Users without Breaking a Sweat?

Specifications will be your first priority when you are looking for a new smartphone. These “specs” can be a bit confusing, especially if you are a first-time buyer, or as in today’s marketplace, you have choices aplenty. 

How do you choose? What is the most important feature of a mobile phone that you should look at? The most significant question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I require the phone for?” Buying a smartphone, as with anything else that is relevant, is a very personal decision. 

Think of what you see it as doing for you. If you are on a budget, you can find a really good mobile, which may come across as the best mobile under 12000 INR. Most of the phones that are affordable today have the benefit of great technology and smart specifications in-built.

Don’t Sweat It

Apart from the features that you can see, like the way the phone is styled, whether it’s slim or a bit thick, or whether the camera is slick or not, there are certain specifications or features that are invisible components to the buyer. These are more essential to think of than the features you see overtly. 

Naturally, you want a phone that looks good, feels nice to hold, and everyone loves their phone cameras. Nonetheless, many features of the phone work really well only if the phone has a powerful processor and equally good RAM. You can rest easy with 4GB RAM as there’s more than enough that you can do with it.

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RAM & Storage 

The files and apps which are currently in use by your smartphone are all stored in the RAM. When you see a smartphone in a store with a label that says “4GB RAM”, you can rest assured that this is enough RAM size for you to have on your phone. This is the amount you will get on a phone that you pay under 12,000 INR for. 

When you read information about a smartphone, you will see some specifications telling you about storage capacity. It may say “64GB Storage”. This detail has to do with flash memory, meaning it the place that stores the apps and files in the long run. It doesn’t get lost, unlike data in the RAM, when the phone is in a shutdown mode. Have no fear, as 64GB is more than enough for the average phone user, and you can store some useful apps, important photos, and some music on your phone. 

The best mobile under 12,000 INR will likely be enough for your needs. Regularly cleaning up your phone of unwanted photos and videos is a good idea to free up storage space. If you still want to have a lot of photos with you or game apps and many videos, you can buy a microSD card to increase space and have your cake and eat it too.
Thus, a 4GB RAM phone with 64GB internal storage capacity can cater to different consumer segments, without putting a strain on their finances.

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