The visa subclass 494 presents a chance to the business to bring the skilled work or worker from another area which empowers the business to outcast the issue shortage of unskilled labour. By holding, visa 494, a candidate can work, remainand concentrate in Australia for a limit of 5 years. In addition, competitors can likewise apply for a lasting visa following 3 years of getting this visa.
Eligibility Criteria For Subclass 494
1. The age of the applicant ought to be under 45 years at the hour of applying for the visa 494.
2. A candidate ought to have a comprehension of the English language.
3. Up-and-comers are permitted to work just for those activity jobs which are recorded in the talented occupation list.
4. Candidates ought to have at least 3 years of related knowledge in a similar field they are going after the position.
5. On the off chance that you are living in Australia, at that point you should hold a crossing over visa A, B or C.
6. Should hold a related expertise evaluation.
Fascinating Facts About The Visa Subclass 494
1. You may be in or outside Australia to hold up a considerable visa application.
2. This visa grants you to work, consider and live in regional Australia.
3. There are 2 assorted visa streams: Employer Sponsor and Labor Agreement.
4. This is a transitory visa and allows you to stay in Australia for up to 5 years.
Following 3 years on this visa you may be able to meet the necessities for a lasting visa.
Generally Asked Faqs:
1. What is the difference between visa 187 & visa 494?
A visa Subclass 494 is a transitory visa though subclass 187 visa was a lasting visa. Anyway with the Australian Visa 494 you might have the option to apply for a perpetual residency in the event that you fulfil the distinctive PR qualification criteria as required by the 494 visa.
2. For how long I can stay in a particular region or country?
By holding visa subclass 494, you will be able stay in a dedicated country for 5 years.
3. Fees for the visa 494?
There is a charge of AUD 4045 in order to apply for 494 visa Australia.
I hope everything has been covered in this article and all the information will be beneficial for you to plan further. However, we do know that the process for visa application is complex and a minute mistake can lead to delay, so it would be always a smart decision to reach out to any MARA registered migration agent Perth for assistance.