Sip in Style with Sports Tervis Tumblers

If you’re looking for a unique new way to flex your irreplaceable personality and sense of style, we have the ticket for you. No doubt you have already set yourself up with some of the finest Simply Southern outfits and other apparel and accessories that you can find at Girls ‘Round Here. Now it’s time for you to take your drinks on the go in style with some of Sports Tervis Tumblers you can find right alongside that gear on their website.

Check out the Tervis SS Hope Simply Live Fully 16 oz Tumbler that you can find right on their website,, next to the other Sports Tervis Tumblers and other branded drinkware. This thing doesn’t just give you a sense of brand continuity and integration – it is made in America and comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means you’ll be drinking on the go, and in style, for years to come. Cute, colorful, and girly, it’s the perfect mate to all of the rest of your Simply Southern branded gear and accessories.

It’s also BPA free which means its safe for use with most liquids and will not leach harmful chemicals into your drinks, unlike some other plastic drinkware that you are unfortunately liable to find out there. While hot liquids are not recommended for it, you can safely use it with both hot and cold drinks. Just know that it was designed for the cool drinks.

It also couldn’t be easier to clean, as it is smooth-sided and microwave and dishwasher safe, which means you can throw it in the dishwasher and let the machine do all the hard work for you. At the same time, it has double-wall insulation which reduces condensation, which can be a pain in the neck in the summer in hot climates – Southern climates! No one wants their clothes, hands or furniture to get soaked just so they can enjoy a pleasantly cool beverage.

Looking for something a little tougher and bigger than this cute little tumbler? Check out the Tervis SS Live Sweet 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler that you can also find right on their website and is loaded with a number of other features that make it highly useful.

This tumbler isn’t just beautifully branded, but it’s a lot tougher than the last one too. For example, this tumbler is splash-proof and shatterproof and even comes with an easy-close lid that makes it easy for you to get a drink on the go. At the same time, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, just like the tumbler listed above.

It also has amazing insulation; much better than the bottle above. This fine example of a tumbler can keep drinks hot for 8 hours and cold for 24 hours – a full day! It’s also BPA free and designed to keep condensation to a minimum. This one, however, is not safe for use in the microwave, since it is made of steel. It also should not be put through the dishwasher, but it’s very easy and convenient to wash by hand with soap and water.

If you like the two of these, you’ll like the rest of the SS branded offerings and other drinkware available at Girls Round Here, which you can shop on their website which is listed above. In addition to branded drinkware, you will also find a collection of some of the most popular Southern brands, including but not limited to Girlie Girl Originals, Simply Southern, Southern Marsh, Life Is Good, and many more. Great deals on greater looks are waiting for you there, so get on over to their site and stock up!

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