Signs That Shows You Need To Consult A Neurologist

Signs That Shows You Need To Consult A Neurologist

Neurology is that branch of science that deals with the nervous system in a human body. This includes both the central and peripheral nervous system that includes the brains and spinal cords. Any problem related to this area is needed to be treated by a neurologist.

Neurologists are doctor who specifically gets trained to treat any medical condition related to your brain, peripheral nerves or the spine. As there are hectic work pressure on many in today’sworld, neurological problems has risen.  Diseases like the Parkinson’s, epilepsy or sclerosis are some serious neurological dieses.

It is best to treat this kind of medical conditions before hand. If you suspect any kind of symptoms that indicate a neurological problem it is best to consult a specialist in this field. Dr. Arun Sharmaa well known neurologist with many years of experience suggest that any kind of signs of neurological problem like acute headache, dizziness or imbalance must be treated immediately.

When to see a neurologist?

There are few symptoms that will warn you’rebeforehand if you need to make a doctor’s visit. As a clinic offers many tests to judge this symptom it is very important to evaluate your own condition. A neurologist suggests the correct test by performing a thorough examination. There are few common symptoms that will indicate whether you need to see a neurologist.


One of the early sign of neurological problem is Dizziness. If you are filling this spinning sensation in your head often may be it is time for you see a professional in this field. There is some best neurologistin Dubai to treat you with your problem.


Another common symptom is experiencing a severe headache often. It can be a migraine headache which you should get treated immediately. As neurological problems take time to get better and if the last treatment is not working out for you then it is time to change the treatment procedure.

Chronic pains

If you are experiencing any kind of pain which is chronic then it is best to consult a doctor because continuous wave of pain indicates some underlying issue. Also it may be best to consult a neurologist if it’s not any simple pain that can go away with a couple of pain med.

Tingling sensation or Numbness

Numbness or tingling sensations are serious problems which would need immediate medical attentions. If you are experiencing such problem specifically in one side of your body it may be an early sign of stroke which would need immediate medical attention. It is best to consult a neurologist in the early stage when these medicals symptoms are just showing up.

Loss of memory

If you are experiencing loss of memory or feeling confused often it can be an early sign of the disease Alzheimer. In that case the faster you get treated the better your condition will be. As this kind of medical condition shows up with symptoms like changes in behaviour, personality or even speech mix up are conditions that would be a problem which would be a problem in your daily life if not treated on time.

Problems in movement

One of the early sign of neurological problems is movement problem which includes.

  • Leg or hand tremor
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Unwanted jerks

These are the few problems that you will face if you are having any kind of neurological problem. As few muscle in your body are voluntary in nature and you can control them but in case you are not able to do that it is an early indication of some underlying neurological problems. This problem indicates that you need to consult a neurologist.

Tests expected to done during a visit to a neurologist

The basic test a neurologist offers is by using instruments like a light or a hammer. These tools are used to understand the coordination, balance, reflex and motor skill of the patient. If there is some problem further test are suggested by a physician that are tested in lab to be sure about the exact medical condition of the patient. Some best neurologist Dubaican be consulted in case you face any of the symptoms mentioned above.