Signs A Girl Likes You But Why Is She Trying Not To Show It?

Signs A Girl Likes You But Why Is She Trying Not To Show It?

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Crush is a sweet thing to talk about, but everyone is so lucky to have a happy ending. When people like someone, they tend to act differently than they act with their friends. Some people show a few signs that they are attracted to someone special and watching them from the corner. 

If you want to notice the signs of a girl like you or not, you’ve come to the right page. Here are a few signs a girl likes you or not. 

Signs a Girl likes You

  • When you are interested in someone, you can’t stop your eyes from looking at that person, either consciously or unconsciously. So, the girl will find it hard keeping her eyes off you if she is interested or likes you. 
  • You might not notice, but girls stare at their crush secretly, and it is so romantic and validates that she has ultimate feelings for you. It could be so adventurous for you or your crush as she is willing to risk it in spite of being shy enough not to let you know her weakness. 
  • If she is a shy person, she will get nervous when you are around, and you have to pay attention to notice that. May be unable to communicate or stutters, it can be a sign for you that she likes you. 
  • When a girl is around a guy whom she likes, she will be nervous or excited to talk to him. At that moment, she may start playing with her hair, and that can be a sign or a simple flirt. 
  • If a girl likes you, whenever you are around her, she will listen to everything you say even when you are not directly talking to her. She’ll pay attention to everything you do or say whenever she is around. 
  • When a girl likes you, she’ll try to hide that fact anyhow, and she’ll become quieter when around you. She will try to fill her mind with other things, but nothing will help as she is so nervous to talk when you are around. 

If you happen to notice these things, then you can propose that girl. When a girl is committed to someone, they will do anything to keep that person happy. Girls are loyal and want nothing but love from their partners. So, you must propose a girl that likes you already to have a healthy relationship.