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Should You Use a Separate Laptop for Gaming?

Avid gamers never skimp on their gadgets. From cutting-edge PCs or laptops to top-of-the-line ergonomic gaming chairs. You cannot expect any less from them. Competent, tech-savvy business owners are the same. You’d usually find them presented with the latest business laptop, which they carry around everywhere like a notebook.

If you’re both a gamer and a business manager, you’ve probably dropped by this article while thinking if you should buy two separate laptops for your gaming and business needs.

After all, a high-performance gaming laptop is already suitable for any purpose, making them ideal for your work presentations as well.

But a top-of-the-range business laptop will also allow you to play for hours without lags. So should you save or splurge?

What Makes a Gaming Laptop Different?

Characterized by its bulkier appearance with red and blue illuminated accents, a gaming laptop has a powerful appearance, hardware, CPU, and GPU. These specs make them expensive, despite not being the most portable.

However, many business people, graphic designers, and multimedia creators still find them perfectly reliable for work. Their optimized display makes visuals more vivid and crisp, and their excellent storage and memory allow for numerous large files without slowing down.

One perk of a gaming laptop’s bulkiness is the typing experience it will give you. Slim laptops may have a soft keyboard but are not the most ergonomic for your wrists.

On the other hand, a bulky laptop will give you a deep, well laid-out, and comfortable keyboard, enabling you to type lengthy reports without hurting your hands.

And of course, the connectivity of a gaming laptop won’t fail you, with its high-speed USB ports and display outputs for VR headsets. Those will be extra handy if you’re working in the gaming a.k.a. e-sports industry.

Lastly, you’ll get heavy-duty cooling, which contributes to a laptop’s durability. You can keep it on for long hours, whether you’re gaming or working, and never worry about it overheating and breaking down.

What Sets a Business Laptop Apart?

The signature spec of a business laptop is its security features. Biometric finger scanners are almost a standard in every unit, including entry-level models.

In addition, business laptops are typically equipped with software that lets you manage and secure devices on enterprise-class networks. An example of such is cloud storage.

However, this feature isn’t exactly unique, because consumer laptops and gaming laptops can also have them. But for small or medium-sized businesses, a device designed for business is still the best pick because of its superior security.

Is a business laptop good for gaming then? It depends, but there are at least 10 laptops — consumer, business, and gaming — that are excellent for both purposes.

You just have to be extra meticulous when studying the specs of a business laptop that you’d like to use for gaming too.

Chances are you won’t be getting the same visual quality as a gaming laptop with the business device. But the flexibility, power, and user experience you can get will be highly satisfactory.

Doing Business in a Gaming Laptop

Since a gaming laptop has it all, there is no question that it’ll perform optimally when used for creating presentations. But its appearance might be an issue in some settings.

The bulky, distinctive aesthetics of a gaming laptop can look unprofessional. When you’re presenting before board members or prominent clients unless you’re in the gaming industry.

But other than that, you won’t likely experience drawbacks anymore. Even if you’re not a gamer, the laptop will still be a worthy investment. Especially, if you enjoy streaming videos or creating online content.

So that brings us back to the question, “Do you need two separate laptops for business and gaming?”

Not if your gaming laptop allows you to conduct business presentations without issues, or vice-versa. But between the two laptops, gaming is undeniably the better choice.