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The partnership allows you to expand your resources and start a profitable business. He partially copes with the shortcomings of a property limited to one owner. The partnership structure allows the partners to support the creation of a business under agreed conditions.

In this building, two or more people or two companies can come together and make a profit. The relations and obligations between the partners are defined in the partnership agreement. The rights, obligations and obligations of the organization’s partners are determined by the terms of the partnership agreement. There are conditions for the partner to leave the partnership. Conditions for termination of cooperation.

Build a partnership in Singapore
Profits are shared between the partners and the partnership agreement is based on the terms of the partnership agreement. If the cooperation agreement is effective, the provisions of the action agreement are first laid down.

Types of partners:
There are two types of cooperation structures.

General partnerships (GP)
At least two partners are required. The maximum number of participants should not exceed 20. If there are more than 20 partners, they will be included as a company. Each participant is personally responsible for its commercial debt and obligations. The obligations of the participants remain unlimited. Participants will be charged damages arising from the debts of all participants. He is registered with ACRA under the Singapore Company Name Registration Act.

Limited Partnership (LP)
An LP must have at least one standard partner and one limited partner. There is no upper limit on the number of participants. The commitment of a common partner does not end. If their name is LP, they can promise their property. Ordinary partners play a significant role in the management of the company. A common partner can be a person or a company.

The obligations of the partners are limited by the increased participation of the commitments and are not committed to effective business management. A restricted partner may be an individual, a company or a company listed in other countries.

LP is registered with ACRA under the Partnership Act. This is almost a new type of business in Singapore. In addition to the Cooperatives Act In general, the Cooperatives Act applies to SOEs in accordance with the provisions of the Limited Cooperation Act. If there is no limited partner, the partnership ends. If the board is a limited partnership, the organization is established as a “direct” limited liability company.

Membership features:
No valid identification number. The registration of partners is not a separate legal entity. Therefore, both LG and GP are illegal. The usual partnership will not take ownership of the property in his name, but may sue. A limited credit company cannot own or owns you.

Powerful input / expansion. The register needs to be updated. Renew after one or three years. Renewal is required before registration is complete.

Ability. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member. A partnership company registered Singapore in Switzerland can register.

Singapore Singapore Self-employed persons must register with the CPF.

Location: In G, if there is no owner in Singapore, the person is called an administrator. This person usually lives in Singapore. This usually means being a Singaporean citizen, a citizen or permanent resident or a foreigner with a job or a private passport.

If none of the standard LP partners live in Singapore, you should contact a manager based in Singapore. This is the sole responsibility of the manager

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