Responsibilities of the Unarmed Security Guard

Security guards have many responsibilities but there is a clear distinction between the armed security guards and unarmed security guards. Armed security guards are trained with different methods or with weapons etc. However, the unarmed guards are trained according to the situations to handle without weapons. Therefore, they need to handle all the situations without using anything that will be the reason for the fear of the people. The unarmed guards are moreover trained by the former army experts or the police trainers who train the guards. However, there are many of the responsibilities that the unarmed guard have to fulfil for their duty.

Key responsibilities

Some of the main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Prevention of Wrong Actions

Guard have to control the illegal actions or deeds or the inappropriate tasks done by anybody. Also, he has to maintain the environment with his high visibility presence. He needs to control his surroundings.

  • Controlling the Public

Guard are appointed at every public place to control everything because public sectors has many issues. However, guard is performing the access control procedures in the public sectors like vehicles, personnel and visitors.

  • Look after Duties

Guards should look after the places where they are appointed just to take care of the place. Therefore, guards will be patrolling the buildings, facilities and perimeters of the premises.

  • Information Facilitator

He has to facilitate the people by giving them the information where he is appointed. Moreover, guard is informing the personnel and visitors of security procedures. Although, e has to act upon the non-compliance.

  • Monitoring

They are used to monitor the video surveillance and alarm systems of the department.

  • Investigation

Where the Guard is appointed, he has to investigate the suspicious acts surrounding the area. Guards controlled the suspicious activities and disturbances.

  • Reporting

He is going to report against any of the violation. Immediate reporting security negligence to designate the law enforcement agents.

  • Maintenance of Props

Guard is also performing maintenance of the equipment used for security purposes.

  • Observational Solutions

All the types of documentations are observed by the guards. Guard also checks the surveillance of the activities by the public.

  • Regulations

Guards stick to the rules and regulations provided by the security agency during their training time duration.

Reasons to Hire Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed security guards are hired for a reason that they can easily control every situation. Some of the major reasons for hiring security guards are as follows:

  • They are capable of making arrest the robbers or the people who are doing wrong or illegal acts.
  • Guards are trained for every situation and are trained in conflict resolution.
  • They have the ability to handle the critical and intense situations created by anybody at any place.
  • Unarmed guards can easily contact the emergency handling agencies like police, fire brigade etc.

However, the main reasons for the hiring of unarmed guards are as follows:

  • The liability breakage id reduced.
  • Effective and low-cost guards are preferred. Save money by hiring the security guard.
  • Guards are the reasons to foster the environment with comfort and relaxation.
  • The flexibility can be increased by doing anything when the guard is present.
  • When the customer sees the guard, customers will feel safe and go to the place where the guard is appointed. Guard increases the rate of customer service.
  • Peace of mind automatically increases when the guard is on its duty. No matter the guard is armed or without arm. Just the uniform of the guard matters a lot.
  • Guards will help in monitoring the issues and general surveillance of its surroundings.
  • They are trained in controlling criminal issues as well. There will be a low-security threat.
  • They are also worked for traffic controlling, entry access, retail loss prevention, and corporate security.
  • However, the security guards are preferred by the Government related people and the events organized for the elites and the officers.

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