Reasons Why Renovation is Better Than Selling

You always have the choice to renovate or sell your house. However, given the circumstances, several families are opting to renovate their homes rather than sell. The pandemic helped us understand the importance of the house and how we must act when selling or remodeling.

The reason why you consider selling or renovate your home is because of its functionality and comfortability. There was never a period where families had to juggle everything under one roof. Therefore, there has been a surge in those who are considering home renovators in Brisbane to make the necessary changes to make their current home comfortable with added space.

Reasons Why Families are Choosing Renovation?

The following are the reasons acting as a positive sign for families to consider renovation rather than selling their home in Brisbane.

Smarter and Functional Use of Space

According to research conducted by Westpac, the pandemic and its restrictions impacted the needs of Australian families. Every family is now considering spacious living, which is on the top of the agenda.

If this is your choice, you can consider freeing up space and reconfiguring the home to add space for a comfortable living. With the help of the renovators, you can alter the home’s layout.

Making smarter use of the available is essential in such instances. A home with more space but that is not functional will not give you a solution to your issue with space.

Avoid Significant Costs

There is always handling cost when you consider buying or selling a property. Rather than losing a specific amount in the entire transaction process, you can invest the same in the renovation.

Home renovators in Brisbane manage well with the costs of converting your existing home and reconfiguring it to add space. For instance, you can convert the two-bedroom house into a three-bedroom with an added bathroom to fulfill the family’s growing needs.

You will be completing the entire reconfiguration at a fraction of the expenses of selling and purchasing a property.

You should also consider the bridging finance for the new home, which can push the overall pricing to a hefty amount. And there are also hidden costs involved, such as cleaning, storing the possessions, and hiring removalists.

Lack of Affordable Housing

Despite the COVID-19 impact, Brisbane’s property prices are steady and rising due to a drop in the properties listed for sales. With the demand driving the prices up, the chances are that you will be spending a lot more on the house than the actual value.

A better way to increase the value of the current property is renovating. It also helps add additional rooms, make modifications, and add the space needed to live comfortably and spaciously.

Live in the Same Locality

The other reason that families are considering home renovators in Brisbane is because of the locality. People choose a particular area or locality because they love it and the flexibility it offers, along with access to educational institutions, hospitals, malls, and offices.

As you live in the locality for a while, you know the neighbors, the shop owners, and other people within the vicinity. For many families, the locality plays a vital role because they are emotional and hold onto the memories they build over the years.

Finding a New Home is Time Consuming

You can quickly find a new home anywhere. However, you may not find the one that fits your family’s lifestyle and requirements with ease. Several factors play a crucial role for each family, and when you apply them, finding the accurate home becomes tedious.

It is here that you spend time browsing all the real estate websites that you come across in search of a property that fits your need. Further, you will be making multiple visits to different properties for inspection and check the neighborhood.

All these make it hard to find the one with space and configuration. You must also consider the budget, as an increase in the space results in an increase in the property cost.


Home renovators in Brisbane allow you to improve the comfort and functionality while lowering the capital. You can see why renovation scales the tip when choosing between buying a property or renovating the house becomes the question.

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