Raise urgent funds by selling your scrap gold

If you own odd items of scrap gold whether it may be in the form of coins, bars or even jewellery; have you thought about exchanging it for cash?

Many of us are facing financial uncertainties with the recent pandemic the world is facing, if you are in need of some quick cash then why not look to sell your scrap gold or silver to Cashforyourgold.co.uk

The site is known for paying great rates and it’s never been a better time to sell your items.

Cashforyourgold.co.uk will accept any gold or silver items even if its damaged. Many of their recent customers have been cashing in on items that have not been used for a long time and would rather have the cash to use for something more useful.  Items regularly sent in include old items that either bring back unwanted memories or are simply no longer fashionable. Whatever your reason, Cashforyourgold.co.uk will give you the best price available.

The user-friendly website provides a simple way to get paid for your unwanted gold or silver items.

To make it even easier for their customers the site offers an instant estimated valuation online based on metal purity and weight, so you know exactly what your item is worth. Saving you the time spent visiting various high street shops for valuations, all you need to do is post in your jewellery.

Once you’re happy with the quote provided online you then have a choice of visiting the Wolverhampton office or posting in using a fully secure service. Either way we ensure our customers are assured they have a safe option in selling any of their items.

Cash for gold

If you’re looking to raise some quick cash then why not sell your gold for cash. Cashforyourgold.co.uk specialises in providing some of the best prices around for any item of gold. Whether it be a 9 carat ring to a 24 carat gold necklace. The established team behind Cashforyourgold.co.uk offer great prices for any of your gold jewellery.

The website provides an online calculator to provide you with an instant quote on how much your gold is worth. Customers are taking advantage of the top prices being paid currently and selling items such as rings, necklaces, coins and bracelets. In fact, they will accept any gold jewellery.

Once the item has been either posted in or delivered in personally, the team will evaluate and quickly confirm payment. Many customers receive their funds within hours of the item being received. This has been a great option in recent months with many customers looking to raise urgent funds and not wanting to visit high street shops in person.

So why not send in your gold today and put the money towards something more desirable or to pay off some bills.

Looking for scrap gold prices?

If you are looking to receive top prices for your unwanted gold then it can be often difficult. We’ve all seen the numerous adverts placed by retailers from high-street gold buyers to cash convertor pawn shops or with online sites that attempt to offer the best prices. However, in reality, very few actually pay their customers what has been advertised.

Gold is a valuable commodity and has experienced a steady rise in price per gram over the last few years. So why shouldn’t you be paid the best prices for your gold?

Cashforyourgold.co.uk have years of experience in both buying metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium and offer a website with a real time pricing feed. This provides customers the ability to instantly find out what their metal is worth and the ability to receive some of the best current prices per gram for gold.

There may be a number of reasons why you may think it’s time to cash in on your gold. Customers who sell to us generally have unwanted jewellery or have urgent financial needs and decide to sell their gold to pay off debts. A benefit of selling your gold compared to taking out a loan is that you do not then have that obligation to pay back your loan with its associated high interest charges.

Customers who sell gold to Cashforyourgold.co.uk often send in gold items that include broken or unfashionable jewellery. Many of us have made purchases which seemed right at the time or have been given gifts that we no longer use due to it being damaged or it is just no longer fashionable, so why not sell it and cash in to put the money towards something more desired.

The reason why Cashforyourgold.co.uk can afford to pay out more than high street shops is because they have the option to melt down your jewellery which many of the high street gold buyers cannot do. They also keep their overheads low and believe in providing the customer with the best prices to build our reputation and customer base.

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