Plastic Moving Boxes over Cardboard Boxes

There are many matchups, but every matchup cannot be considered a rival. Plastic bin vs cardboard box is one of those matchups which has no rivalry. Each has its benefits and uses. To help you choose between them, we have put together a guide on choosing the best for you from cardboard boxes or plastic bins while storing or moving.

Plastic Bins

These plastic bins are most commonly made up of polypropylene and polyethene. Some major advantages of plastic bins over cardboard are given below.

  1. In comparison to cardboard boxes, plastic bins are thicker and harder and have great durability. Plastic bins are also waterproof and, good plastic bins tend to create a watertight seal when closed.
  2. Plastic bins last longer than cardboard boxes. These can be used and reused again without getting waterlogged and wear or tear.

Cardboard Boxes

Plastic bins have few advantages over cardboard boxes but they cannot win in every category. Let us know how?

  1. Cardboard boxes are easy to find. You can find any number of cardboard boxes with other packaging supplies at affordable prices.
  2. They are thinner than plastic bins and are also fully collapsible. Therefore when you are not using them, they can simply be unfolded and kept into a convenient storage space in your house or elsewhere.

Cardboard Boxes vs Plastic Bins

Above we have covered what each storage item does well. Also touched areas where each one comes up short. Now below are the cons, considering two cases for each storage boxes.

  1. Measuring storage by volume – Cardboard boxes are the winner. Also, cardboard boxes will cost significantly less than a plastic bin of the same size. However, if you are planning to keep the storage for life long then the cost can be equal out. Plastic bins are rarely needed to be replaced whereas cardboard boxes are required to be replaced in every short span. 
  • Environmental Impact – Well maintained plastic bins can last longer, which makes them more efficient and are less likely to end up in a landfill than its cardboard counterparts. Cardboard is both recyclable and biodegradable, while plastic is only recyclable.
  • Both cardboard boxes and plastic bins are meant for storing. Plastic bins are stronger and stable and can hold more weight than cardboard boxes. Another advantage is plastic is smoother than cardboard, which implies less friction between bins and therefore can slide.  Cardboard boxes, weaker than plastic bins, are less prone to sliding. Cardboard boxes can also settle into one another, which can add stability. If stack properly, it can beat plastic bins and if conditions are not favorable cardboard boxes can often be more forgiving.

When to use Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are the best for the storage where more durability, strength and resistance are required. If you are storing where people can see your bins, plastic bins are much more pleasing to the eye. Most importantly if you are planning to use storage box for a long time, plastic bins are a worthwhile investment.

When to use Cardboard Boxes

For temporary storage situation on a large scale, cardboard boxes are irreplaceable. If you’re moving your home or business, you’ll likely require a lot of boxes to pack your stuff and move. That means if the goal is to pack and unpack in a relatively short time, it’s best to save money by using these moving boxes.

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