Pick Up a Green Gas Glock at MiR Tactical

Almost regardless of your style of play in airsoft matches or what equipment you primarily carry, you should never be without a sidearm. Even if you carry around a model styled after a machine gun that holds thousands of BBs, you won’t want to be under fire when you do deplete your ammo. For this obvious reason and more, it pays to be prepared and to have the element of surprise in your camp. Always have a sidearm – keep some sort of airsoft pistol on you during competition. You never know when you’ll need it.

Now, if you wanted to be free from batteries and find an airsoft pistol that offers blazing fast, reliable cycling and was easy to use, you might want to consider some gas blowback airsoft pistols to make your constant companion in the field. Fast, reliable, accurate, and without ever needing to rely on batteries, a green gas Glock can be a steady asset when the situation turns dire.

Check out a green gas Glock like the Elite Force Glock 19 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistol in black. This airsoft Glock is a real workhorse with a blowback action that won’t quit on you when the going gets tough. It’s rock solid and even comes with a metal slide as part of its durable construction. On top of that, it can hold 21 rounds and can reach up to 300 feet per second, much faster than most spring-powered alternatives. One more thing – this high-quality gas-operated airsoft gun has a rail under the barrel so if you want to mount a light or a laser, have at it.

Similar but with a little extra capacity waiting in the wings is the Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 4 Green Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol. In many ways, this green gas powered airsoft Glock is a lot like the Gen 3 EF Glock 19, but it can carry 23 rounds in the magazine. Muzzle velocity and construction are similar if not the same and it also gives you the freedom to accessorize with a rail.

If you’re looking for a green gas Glock, keep in mind that these are only a couple of the options that you will find waiting for you at MiR Tactical. There are plenty of other models of green gas powered airsoft pistols on their website and even more gas airsoft pistols that take CO2 cartridges as well. In fact, that begs the question, why go for a green gas Glock when you can get a GBB that takes CO2 instead?

They’re both perfectly serviceable fuels, but some airsoft players who use green gas instead of CO2 make a few good points about it. In the first place, a lot of players really appreciate the fact that, generally, green gas is more cost-effective than CO2. That is, it is more affordable. Anyone can get behind that.

In the next place, green gas generates somewhat lower pressures under normal conditions and so it is easier on the gun. Therefore, in the long run it might be beneficial to use green gas if you are a heavy user of a given platform. Finally, some players report that it is easier to keep an airsoft gun clean if it’s been operated with green gas instead of CO2. That’s all just food for thought, but it’s something to consider while you’re weighing the options.

Check out MiR Tactical on their website, MiRTactical.com, where you can find these and other green gas Glocks as well as CO2 pistols modeled after many other platforms. In addition, you can find the gas fuels, ammo, and other accessories you need to be effective in your game. Add some great prices and flat rate shipping into that mix and you have a pretty strong deal. Check out their website today.

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