Personal Dandruff Causes and Cures

As you may know, dandruff is a very common and difficult condition to have. However, there are many causes of this itchy scalp that may be causing your problem.

The first cause is skin allergies that can affect both men and women. This can cause flaking of the scalp and dryness of the scalp. The skin usually develops scaly patches on the scalp. If the problem persists, scratching the scalp and hair may make the problem worse.

Second, dry weather causes dandruff as well. When the air becomes drier, it will dry out the scalp and keep it in place, which may result in hair loss.

Third, dandruff can also be caused by poor diet. There are some foods that can be hard for the scalp to process properly, therefore resulting in an itchy scalp. You should limit your intake of these foods if you want to avoid this problem.

Fourth, dandruff can also be caused by a fungus. Although some people believe that having fungus of dandruff in the scalp is not a serious issue, it can be a serious problem especially if you live in a humid or moist area.

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Fifth, the improper care of the scalp can also cause dandruff. If the scalp is not properly taken care of, it can get dirty and be too dry, which can lead to a fungus outbreak. Therefore, the proper care of the scalp should be taken in order to prevent the fungi from growing.

Sixth, the seventh and final dandruff causes are the hygiene products you use and how you apply them. You should use shampoo to clean the scalp regularly, and if you do so, you can avoid itchy scalp and dandruff.

These are only some of the personal dandruff causes you may face. The best way to deal with the problem is to identify the cause and cure it.

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