Perks of COLORBOND® Roofing

COLORBOND® as a roofing material is gaining immense popularity amongst Australians. People are even using it for reroofing Melbourne wide as it is capable of surviving harsh weather conditions, including storms and extreme heat. In basic terms, COLORBOND® is a roofing material made up of coated steel and classified as a metal roofing material. It has quickly gained popularity across Australia and has become the preferred choice as a roofing material. COLORBOND® is popular because it is lightweight, thermally insulated, resilient, and stylish. If you are planning to build your home from scratch or to modify it then COLORBOND® is worth giving a try as it is a cost-effective roofing solution. We have put together some advantages of COLORBOND® roofing to help you in knowing why it is getting preference over the other roofing materials out there:

Flexible Design:

COLORBOND® offers ultimate design flexibility as compared to other roofing materials. There is a wide range of colours available withCOLORBOND® that enables designers and homeowners to make full use of their creativity and create an amazing design. The best thing about the COLORBOND® colours range is that the colour is binded to the metal, so it will not require repainting too often as compared to other roofing materials. COLORBOND® roofing material is available in several profiles to match the design, structure, and appearance requirements of different homes. It also offers excellent spanning capabilities to address the needs of large structures and keeping large floor areas free of columns.

Better Resilience:

COLORBOND® is also popular for its extreme resilience that makes it one of the toughest and most advanced roofing materials to date. The reason behind its exceptional resilience is the trial and testing process spanning more than half a century in some of the toughest weather conditions and harshest climates on earth: the entire Australian region. In addition to being resilient, it is made to last longer and offer ultimate durability. It is also termite resistant so if you are roofing or reroofing your home with COLORBOND® roofing material you have all your bases covered and you don’t have to worry much about termite infestation.

Suitable for Water Collection:

If you live in a region where rainwater collection is necessary for daily usage and other purposes then you need a roof made up of COLORBOND®. We understand how important rainwater is for households where people face shortage of municipal water supply. A COLORBOND® roof enables you to collect more water for your rainwater storage tanks. COLORBOND® roofing will absorb less amounts of water as compared to concrete tiles and enable you to store more rainwater for your home, animals, and garden. This is because COLORBOND® is corrugated metal with a bonded paint finish, which prevents water from reaching the core and seals it from moisture. Therefore, it will absorb much less rainwater and leave plenty of water for storage.

COLORBOND® is Lightweight:

Tiles are made up of terracotta or concrete and are quite heavy. COLORBOND®, on the other hand, is 10 times less heavier as compared to tiles. In short, you only need a simple roof supporting frame for COLORBOND® roofing, whereas you would require a quite complex frame when tiles are used for roofing purposes. Less complex roof supporting structures means you will be saving a handful of money which will otherwise go to waste on the cost of roof installation. As terracotta or concrete tiles absorb water, they will get heavier during rainy weather. You need to take care of this additional weight while designing the roof supporting structure and ultimately you will need more money for installation. COLORBOND® roofs, on the other hand, absorb very little to no water as compared to tiles, thus, you don’t need to worry about varying roof weight during rainy seasons.

COLORBOND® Roofing is Fire Resistant:

Another thing that you need to consider is fire issues. It gets even important when you are living in bushfire prone areas. In order to keep your roof fire resistant you need to consider COLORBOND® over tiles because COLORBOND® is non-combustibles and you can easily seal metal sheets against burning ash and flying flames.

COLORBOND® is Eco-friendly:

As COLORBOND® is coated steel metal, COLORBOND® roofings are totally recyclable. Metal roofing is the most reused product available. Additionally, it is also suitable for easy transport and contributes to less on-site wastage as well ultimately decreasing environmental impact of building sites. 

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