Nike Scores a Home Run with Major League Baseball Uniform Deal

In case you missed it amongst everything else going on, Nike have scored their first on-field partnership with the Major League Baseball (MLB) as their official jersey provider. This news hit airwaves in January 2020 but was probably drowned out by, well, more important news. In our race back to normalcy, it’s time to catch up on what we missed.

Now Nike has taken over from Majestic you’ll notice their familiar swoosh on all 30 MLB jerseys. Did we mention that this came about from a 1 billion dollar deal? It’s a pretty big takeover by any measure.

Some fans were less than happy when they saw the Nike swoosh adorning their favourite team’s jersey. Others, such as MLB commish Rob Manfred, praised Nike as a “global brand” that has a “reputation as a leader in driving innovation.” Interesting.

One key perk is that the Nike MLB takeover will bring good-quality MLB jerseys and merchandise to the high street, and at reasonable price points.

While some may object to the swoosh, it’s undeniable that Nike is a sportswear powerhouse that is bound to have considerable energy, resources, and respect for each team. The 2020 jerseys unveiled in January this year demonstrate each team’s visual identity without rocking the boat. So if there’s going to be a big shakeup, it isn’t happening yet.

Each team jersey is steeped in tradition, in which their colors, logos, mascos, and design details faithfully represented.

Nike, too, is well established in American sportswear history, harking back to 1962 in Beaverton, Oregon. Founded by a track and field coach and his student from the University of Oregon, Nike has its roots in sports culture. Since then, collaborations between Nike and sports stars such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Venus Williams have been world-famous, accelerating the fame of not just the player but also the brand.

So, there’s definitely some magic in being associated with Nike, so if that’s what the MLB wants then we’re looking forward to the innovative collabs and merch that come our way as a result of their partnership.

A quick look at the official MLB shop tells us that these are quality jerseys, complete with crisp graphics, traditional embroidery, and custom options. If you’re smart, we think you’ll snap up your own Nike x MLB jersey for a little piece of MLB history.

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