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About Nextech EMR

Finding the right EHR software for your practice is incredibly important. To find the right software match for your practice means you have to first figure out what your needs as a practice are then find a software that caters to them. In this piece we will solely be discussing Nextech EMR to help you determine whether this software in particular would be the right call for you! 

Nextech EMR is a software which has been around for quite a while. The company was founded in 1997 and since then has been steadily delivering intelligent and integrated medical software solutions to the medical community. According to the company’s website, they aim to provide software which helps maximize efficiency at a medical practice as well as increase the profitability for a medical practice as well! 

So if you want to learn more about Nextech EMR then you should keep reading because we will be discussing the various features this software has which potentially make it a great choice for you! 

The Best Features of Nextech EMR 

E-Prescription for Everyone’s Ease 

The e-prescription feature in Nextech EMR is incredibly helpful and makes things easier on both ends. For you as a physician, the software removes the need of a patient coming into your office for an appointment just to get a piece of paper with their prescription on it. The next thing this feature helps you with is that it alerts you of any possible negative reactions the drugs might have with one another so you can be informed about them beforehand. 

And as for the patient, they can simply go to a pharmacy nearest to them and collect the medication which is incredibly convenient for them as well since they do not have to spend extra time coming to you to get a prescription but can directly go to their nearest pharmacy! 

Cloud Based EHR for Convenience 

One of the best things about Nextech EMR is that the software is deployed through a cloud based portal which makes things very convenient for everyone. This feature gives you the freedom to use the software from anywhere possible and hence have the luxury of mobility even as you work. 

You can view patient charts, look at treatment plans and any other data related to your practice on the go. You do not have to be bound to your office any longer just to look at a certain graph or patient information!

Intuitive Software for your Ease

One of the biggest conveniences that Nextech EMR provides you with is the intuitive software! The AI in this software is so smart and advanced that it observes your preferences and then over time can predict everything easily so you spend even less time entering patient data or making treatment plans since the software is so attuned with your preferences that it suggests them before you even think about typing them out or choosing them! 

A lot of time is spend making charts and entering data which is why this Nextech EMR really helps you out in saving time which you can then use on other tasks! 

Lab Integration Features

The next Nextech EMR feature we want to talk about is the lab integration which again is convenient for you and your patient as well. The feature allows you to immediately order specific lab tests for patients that you require and when these tests are conducted and the results are in; you are immediately notified about them and can thus look at them and continue with making your diagnosis or treatment plan. 

This feature reduces the gap between the time it takes to make a diagnosis and the treatment plan since you have patient test results as soon as possible and do not have to wait an extended period of time for them. 

Patient Charting to make Treatment Simple

The next feature we would like to mention in Nextech EMR is another very important feature for any medical EMR software. The patient charting feature! Usually this is the most important feature to consider since you will possibly be spending most of your time using this particular feature anyway! 

The patient charting feature in Nextech EMR is very intuitive and makes helpful suggestions. You can also choose the template yourself to suit your needs and make further customizations in these templates so they match your needs even better! All of this helps you have a patient charting experience like no other! 

Nextech Pricing and Reviews

Nextech EMR unfortunately does not publicly list its pricing and operates on a quote based model wherein you have to contact the vendor to find out how much it will cost you. However, according to several reviews the software is moderately priced and costs as much as any other normal EHR on the market would! 

In terms of Nextech EMR reviews, the software has a very average rating. On most websites, the rating is over 3 stars or 3 and a half stars. A lot of reviews talk about several of the features we have listed above and how well they work! All in all, user reviews for the software are largely popular!

Would we Recommend Nextech to you

Whether we can directly recommend this software to you? Well, we cannot do that. We cannot recommend a software to a practice unless we know the specifics of your needs however we can help you come to a conclusion yourself. 

The first thing you should do is make a list of all the features you ideally want in an EHR software and then compare that to the list of features in Nextech EMR. This will help you match yourself with an EHR that serves all your needs. 

The next thing we highly suggest you do is ask the vendor for a Nextech EMR demo to see whether the software in action is what you would want! This helps you determine whether or not the software is right for you practically since reading about features and actually seeing them in action are two separate things! 

We are sure whatever decision you come to in regards to Nextech EMR will be the right decision for you!

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