Next Stop, Clergy Stoles

Who would have ever thought that a buyer could be so relieved to hear those words; but if you ever happen to be in the situation of someone shopping for a niche product like clergy stoles, you probably will be. The simple fact of the matter is that finding specialty goods and garments like that is a real trip. Luckily, today, with the power of the internet, it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t need to get out the phone book (what even is that anymore, anyway?) and start looking for local listings. You don’t need to get in the car and drive to promised locations only to find that they do not stock the vestments you intended to purchase.

Today, you can set a virtual course for clergy stoles and other vestments, using bearings such as It won’t cost any gas, there’s no phone bill, and the trip will take anywhere from a few seconds to as long as you so desire.

All kidding aside, if you are shopping for clergy stoles and other vestments and you are tired of coming up empty-handed, Divinity Clergy Wear has everything you could possibly need and then some. They’re an online provider of liturgical vestments that can keep you supplied in a variety of styles of many different garments, clergy shirts and much more.

For one thing, it’s rare that all you need to purchase is a stole, and it’s more than likely that you would be looking for a stole to match a robe. Better yet, it would be something if you could find both in one package. That’s only a part of the convenience of shopping with Divinity Clergy Wear. They sell a number of robe and stole sets, right on their website.

All of that comes in addition to their other vestments and specialty clerical garments, such as cassocks and cinctures, albs, rochets, chimeres, rabats, surplices and more. If you need it for a service, there is a good chance that you can find it at Divinity Clergy Wear. On top of their formal vestments, you can also find clergy shirts for men and women as well as preaching dresses and robes for the ladies.

Selection is one thing, but a diverse selection is another, and that’s only one more way that shopping with Divinity Clergy Wear can benefit you. For example, there are times when the setting or the sermon requires the utmost gravity. There are plenty of vestments on their website that would do honor to tradition and justice to formality. Simple black or white or unadorned robes and other vestments abound on their website.

However, that is not the only contingency for which one might need to plan. In addition to these more somber offerings, they also provide a number of other more contemporary styles that you will love. If the congregation needs to awaken, the best way to do it is by the character of the person leading the flock, and when animation is called for, deliver it.

You can have all of this and more, simply by shopping online on their website. However, there are times when you might benefit from shopping through a physical catalog, and you’ll be pleased to hear that option remains to you.

Divinity Clergy Wear operates an online presence as part of their venture – the rest of it is conducted through their showroom in Hamilton, New Jersey, which is open for business. If you want to get a real impression of their stoles and other vestments before you buy, take a trip up there; no phone book required. Well give you the number so you can set up a visit – it’s 877-453-3535.

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