Morocco, 5 best beaches on the Atlantic coast

Morocco, 5 best beaches on the Atlantic coast

The best beaches in Morocco and itinerary by car along the Atlantic coast along the most beautiful beaches. Author’s version – personal experience, photos and review of the best places along the coast of Morocco.

I’ll get to the point without prelude, the beaches are traditionally arranged in geographic order. The exception is the beaches of Agadir. Which is included in the list only because of the presence of the airport and the popularity among organized tourists. It does not spoil the big picture, so let it be.

Beach holidays in Morocco in the sense that you are accustomed to, is possible only in Agadir. The place is exclusively package-tourist with a waterfront, hotels, restaurants and a minimum of that Morocco you expect when you arrive. So cleaned up to European level and so boring.  In general, Agadir is not our place, although I admit that many will like it very much. The beaches of Agadir and you can do Marrakech 3 day itinerary

Agadir is not one of my top beach destinations in Morocco. The only plus of this resort from our point of view. It is conveniently located for the start of itineraries in Morocco, the city has an international airport. Which is flown by low-cost Wizzair and Ryanair, close to the popular tourist Essaouira and the famous beach Legzira.

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Morocco’s most famous beach, which is good for walking rather than swimming. The beach has several giant natural arches, the most famous of which – Legzira gave its name to the beach and collapsed on September 23, 2016 under the tide. the best beaches in Morocco

Getting to Legzira is not difficult by rental car. From Agadir to Legzira beach is 160 km. or a 3-hour drive. From Marrakech to Legzira is 400 km and 6 hours by car. The best beaches in Morocco

The closest places to Legzira beach are the villages of Sidi Ifni or Mirleft, and there is a choice of apartments and hotels right on the sea.

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The number one city on the coast of Morocco and a detailed report of our stay in Essaouira. The old medina, a real fishing port without a hint of touristy grooming. A fortress by the sea and a long wide sandy ocean beach with all the infrastructure.

Entrance to the water is shallow, to go to a depth of at least a hundred meters. In addition, there are almost constant storms. But the color of the old Essaouira, a long promenade, European service on the beach, cafes and restaurants, hotel infrastructure make this place top attendance in Morocco.

Getting to Essaouira is easy by bus from Agadir or Marrakech, which are only a couple of hours away.

It’s much cooler to include this city in a car itinerary and drive to all the significant sites in central Morocco and the coast.Best beaches in Morocco

The distance between Marrakech and Essaouira is 190 km and 3 hours by car. You can get around in one day, but that’s about nothing. The minimum time for this city is 2-3 days.  

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Little known to the general public is this place. I found it in just a couple of reports about Morocco, studied the theory and included it in our Morocco itinerary. Not only did not regret the choice, but I would love to come back here again for a full holiday. the best beaches in Morocco

From Essaouira to Oualidia is a whole 200 km, most of the way is on the autobahn and easily passed in 3 hours. I suggest to drive along the ocean, it’s a little longer, but much more scenic, the road is great and generally not stressful. best beaches in Morocco

There are a couple of transit surfing beaches along the way near the town of Safi that you can stop at.

Oualidia is a large lagoon that is separated from the ocean. The place is famous for its seafood – Oualidia produces a huge amount of crabs, oysters and other shellfish, which are shipped around the country and exported. 

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Here the beach vacation can be complemented by a romantic lunch/dinner at a table on the edge of the ocean and eat local seafood. The place is unique and atmospheric in its own way, I recommend it.

Oualidia is a local resort, not many tourists, mostly French and locals. The place is quiet and peaceful, with no partying or noise.

Infrastructure – beach chairs, cafes, restaurants, hotels and private houses – apartments. the best beaches in Morocco

You can drive the beach with a stopover for a few hours, but it is better to spend a full day here at least.

Find accommodation and see prices in Oualidia

A slightly funny name for a beach that made it into the top 5 best places on the Moroccan coast because of the unique sand dunes. That come right up to the ocean. The dunes were blown in from the Sahara and now they protect vacationers from the wind. the best beaches in Morocco

The second feature of Mousselay Bousselam beach is the sand spit, which forms a small calm lagoon without waves. The lagoon has many small islands where many birds gather. One of the activities of tourists is bird watching, for this you can rent a boat right on the shore and walk around the lagoon.

The best beaches in Morocco

The beach has several restaurants and cafes, hotels, apartments and even a small car camping on the shore of the lagoon. All without a hint of pathos and little known to the general public.The best beaches in Morocco

The ocean beach is beautiful and long, about a kilometer in length of the usual ocean width of a hundred meters. Beach season starts in May, but there are not many people. The prices are moderate for everything. the best beaches in Morocco

From Oualidia to Moulay Bousselam is 430 km, and if you want the big imperial cities of Morocco. It is worth the price of a stop in Rabat and Casablanca and spend the night here. 

Find accommodation and see prices in Moulay Bousselam

Asila is the huge fortress of El Camra on the oceanfront, inherited from the Portuguese. The local white and blue medina is slightly smaller but cleaner and better maintained than in Essaouira. There are many riads (mini-hotels) with rooftop terraces overlooking the ocean and the old city.

The jewel of the city is a large beach with yellowish sand and yacht marina. From which it is convenient to spend the day and watch the setting sun, nestled on the rocks.

Under the fortress there are small secluded pieces of beach. Protected from the eyes of the stone embankment and the fortress wall. Here as well as in Essaouira gather hippies and sympathizers. But in general they are less. the best beaches in Morocco

At the weekend the center of the city outside the medina turns into an Arabian market. If you like local color, this is the place to come. Morocco’s Best Beaches

There are fewer fish restaurants than in Oualidia. But they are there, after all the village has fisherman’s roots. best beaches in Morocco

We spent two nights and a full day in Assila – enough to explore the town. The beach is nice, but it’s still not a resort, I wouldn’t stay longer than a couple of days.

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That’s all for now. Five top beach resorts plus a package deal with Agadir are more than enough for a first introduction to Morocco, I think.

Any of the above can be combined with such recognized centers of interest in Morocco as Rabat, Chevchaouen, Fez, Meknes, Merzouga and Tangier. best beaches in Morocco

In lieu of a review of Morocco.

The optimal duration of a trip to Morocco is at least 12 days. If you have a car, otherwise you will have to remove some of the interesting places from the route.

If the priority is the coastal cities, beaches and ocean. It is better to arrive in Agadir or Marrakech, and leave from Tangier. This way you can travel through the country from north to south along the coast. Which include the blue city of Chevchaouen and/or Fez, for example. 

How to save money on lodging in Morocco

We search for suitable hotel or apartment options on the Hotels Combined (RoomGuru) – Morocco search engine. It is an aggregator that searches for accommodation on all known booking systems, including Thus, we often save up to 50% of the cost of housing. Getting on the stocks of good hotels. the best beaches in Morocco

How to rent a car in Morocco

Just like in any other European country, Rentalcars will help. It’s the same as Bucking only in the world of rental cars. Rental prices are on average 23-25 euros per day for a modest but well proven 3 week Dacia Sandero.

Where to buy cheap flights to Morocco

I will still be writing in detail about where and how to buy the cheapest tickets to Morocco. There are several airports in the country and many airlines from Europe fly there, both traditional and budget.

We bought tickets from Wizzair and Ryanair, flew to Marrakech via Budapest from Kiev. And departed also from Marrakech via Warsaw to Kiev.

We look for tickets on the airline sites, and the sites – search engines. Aviasales has an option – the price calendar, which also includes low-cost airlines. It’s very convenient and easy, give it a try.

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