Merging Contemporary Style and Traditional Appeal with Charleston Forge Furniture

Charleston Forge may be less than a half a century old, but you would never know it from the designs of some Charleston Forge Furniture. Their designs frequently hinge on the juncture of rough, wrought designs in iron and handmade, hand-finished elements of wood. Charleston Forge is the name you turn to when you want to outfit your home with a classic and yet slightly contemporary look.

Even a cursory investigation of their catalog will yield up visions of rugged, durable tables with wrought iron legs, finished by slabs of hardwood or by thick glass tabletops. It’s the type of modern furniture that is imbued with the spirit of a bygone era – though their designs might call upon the hallmark of modern or minimalist design, all of their furniture – all of it – is made right here, in the United States, by hand, and it always has been.

Every single piece of furniture, down to the meagerest of its components, is made and finished entirely by hand in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where they have been since Charleston Forge was founded in 1984. Where you see metalworks, it is the end product of hand-forging hot metal, and where you see a solid wood table top, it is measured and cut by hand before being hand planed. Everything in their catalog has a sense of hand-made quality that is simply rare nowadays.

Charleston Forge’s commitment to quality extends beyond the actual manufacture of their furniture. It runs deep into the core of the company itself. Not only do they take pride in the handmade quality of their furniture, but they take great pride in their commitment to sustainable practices that will safeguard the health of the company in the long run, as well as their community.

They understand that sustainability is the key to future success, and so they hold to a number of practices that will ensure their responsibility in the future. For example, they use recycled steel and scrap metal to create their furniture, as well as locally sourcing their hardwood stock. By using locally grown hardwoods, they can minimize their impact on the supply chain. Additionally, the areas from which they harvest wood produce trees at nearly a rate of three trees grown per year for everyone that is harvested.

Their finishing practices are also environmentally sound, and they are committed to a number of other practices that diminish their impact on the environment. It’s just another distinguishing factor of an already well-distinguished company.

Charleston Forge Furniture is the furniture you turn to when your vision for your home is multifaceted and complex, yet inseparable from the traditional appeal of handmade furniture. That may have gone by the wayside elsewhere in the industry, but to some people, like those at Charleston Forge, the quality that comes with “handmade” will simply never die.

If you’re sold on the affair and you want to start creating – or recreating – the look of your home with unforgettable designs like those that you will find from Charleston Forge, then what you need to find is a dealer of their furniture. Visit Ohio Hardwood Furniture in their online shop at and you’ll find everything to love from Charleston Forge and more.

You can easily shop through some of their collection from the convenience of their website, but with furniture, as with clothes, sometimes it’s best to get a personal impression. You can always visit their showroom in Peninsula, Ohio – it’s a little out there, but all things worth finding are. Call them today at 330-657-2095 if you want to learn more, or just to plan your visit.

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