Merckens Bittersweet Chocolate Is the Perfect Alternative to Merckens Wafers

Merckens chocolates are synonymous with the ease of use that Merckens chocolate wafers afford to the aspiring confectioner or chocolatier. One of the finest compound chocolates avoidable today, Merckens chocolate wafers make it much easier for up and comers to create the chocolate fixin’s of their fancy.

As they contain a blend of vegetable oil in place of cocoa butter, their chocolate wafers are marvelously easy to melt down and use for molding, dipping, and enrobing. They are not as sensitive to temperature changes or exposure to moisture as couverture chocolate, and best of all, they require no tempering whatsoever to become reconstituted perfectly. Simply melt them down in a double boiler and then mold them or use them for dipping. The finished product will be just as velvety smooth and delicious as the ingredients.

That’s another thing that everyone loves about Merckens chocolate wafers. They have excellent consistency and flavor. Velvet smooth and delicious, Merckens chocolate wafers are a staple of chocolate candy makers around the country. Truthfully, it’s hard to find a candy chocolate pop or drop that isn’t made with them, and most of you reading this have probably tasted one at some point or other.

In addition, they also produce these wafers in a range of colors, which makes it so much easier for aspiring creators to make chocolates and candies that are seasonally appropriate. Naturally, they could add in the dyes they wanted to milk chocolate, but Merckens takes convenience a step further in their chocolate wafers and does some of the hard work for their customers.

However, the ranks of Merckens are not completely occupied by their chocolate wafers, and bakers looking for an alternative to these ‘easy-melt’ wafers will be delighted by alternatives from Merckens’ lineup like Merckens bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, and Yucatan dark chocolate.

For example, anyone looking for higher-grade chocolate crafted from chocolate liquor and cocoa butter will appreciate the fine quality of Merckens Yucatan Dark Chocolate that is rich, flavorful, and indicative of extremely high quality. A more modest alternative would be Merckens Zurich Milk Chocolate which is also made with the finest chocolate liquor and cocoa butter but is moderated by the addition of whole milk.

Merckens bittersweet chocolate, like their dark and milk chocolates mentioned above, is exemplary for its texture and flavor, and ideal for those looking for higher-grade chocolate for coatings, coverings, and molding. It will take a little extra work than some of their other compound chocolates, but the result will be well worth it.

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