Meesho clone app: Origin, market prospects and monetary streams

The advent of eCommerce solutions has transformed the way people make purchases. The booming online innovation has provided various business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Gone are the days when they required huge investments and brick and mortar stores to start a retail business. Meesho is one such solution that is dominating the market with its efficient business model and monetary potential. Ever since Meesho app became an innovative solution in this niche, it has been garnering attention from entrepreneurs around the world. In this blog, we will discuss its success story and dive into the benefits of developing a Meesho clone app in the current market.

The story of Meesho:

Meesho is an eCommerce platform based in India that was developed to create business opportunities for small and medium scale industries. Although the concept of reselling has been in the market for several years, the introduction of Meesho has created several jobs for people and provided opportunities to build a home-based-businesses. This scenario kickstarted a revolutionary movement as people saw the monetary potential of these and started their own businesses. Meesho has funds pouring from every direction and has become the fastest-growing eCommerce company in the country. It has crossed several milestones over the years and currently has over 10 million active resellers on the platform.

People quickly adapted to the Meesho app as its business model is easy to comprehend for the masses. The concept of reselling that existed in the market was seamlessly integrated into the app as a digital platform. Small scale industries have started to realize their potential and have yielded enormous profits from the platform. As Meesho has exactly captured this business idea, its popularity skyrocketed in a short period of time.

The potential of social media apps is evident, especially over the years as user engagement increased enormously. Meesho has also addressed the issues faced by customers in traditional business models. Users need not have to stick to any company terms while using optimizing the app as the users can also sell products of any category. The developers have gone an extra mile in making the registration process easier for the users. Here is what a customer needs to do.

  • Download the Meesho app on their smartphones.
  • Register an account with their phone number or email address.
  • They can choose to watch or skip tutorial videos that briefly explain the ins and outs of the app.
  • Once the users are into the main module, they can start sharing listed catalogs or products.
  • They can place orders for customers and collect a marginal fee as profit.

Why should you develop an app like Meesho for your business:

With the technological advancements and potential of eCommerce apps in the current market, now would be the perfect time for budding entrepreneurs to step into the market. Here is why you should start developing your Meesho clone script today.

  • You can seamlessly bring in small stores and individuals in your geographical location onto your platform.
  • As it is a marketplace business model, you need not have to invest more money into it.
  • Since you are developing a clone app, the overall app development cost will be less compared to developing an app from scratch.
  • Your platform can be an ideal solution for SMEs to sell their products as
  • Your platform will support social media reselling.
  • As the demand for locally made products remains high in the market, you can seamlessly boost your profits.

What are the monetary streams in this niche:
By facilitating seamlessly trading options for the users, you can help people purchase their essential products. Here are the popular monetary streams in this business.

Commission fee:
Since it is an eCommerce app, you can effortlessly generate revenue from commission fees.

Shipping fee:
In order to deliver products to the customers’ location, you can make use of the private logistics service providers in the market. Join hands with them to provide hassle-free deliveries for customers and boost your overall revenue by charging a shipping fee.

Featured listings:
Featured listing can be an effective way to increase the visibility of businesses and to boost their overall revenue. You can charge the sellers to display their profile at the top of search results.

Wrapping up:
Developing a Meesho clone app can be highly profitable, owing to the current market demand. Discuss your business requirements and goals with a Meesho clone app development company to get started in this promising sector.

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