Make a way for Cleanliness in 2020

Covid has hit health, the economy, and the environment across the world in the worst possible way. It has become mandatory to wear a mask and use sanitizers in order to maintain hygiene and avoid the passing of germs. Almost every country had its lockdown period and after a couple of months, the lockdown was lifted but with certain restrictions. One of the measures that opened places have taken is to provide the facility of a hand sanitizer station. The people who are willing or have joined their workplace have to take proper measurements. 

The best way to remind people to use sanitizer is to make it accessible at multiple locations. It is important to place automatic sanitizer dispenser in a communal area, public areas, and other places where people usually pass by. Below mentioned are important areas where the usage of automatic sanitizer station is necessary:

  • Entrance -exit:

An untidy entrance can provide entry to thousands and millions of germs. Usually, at the entry gates people do touch a knob/handle of a door to enter, even if a single person’s hands have germs on them, it’ll spread to numbers of people who touch the knob/handle at the entrance. Vice-versa with the exit too. An automatic sanitizer station should be kept at the entry and exit so that people use it and touch the knob/handle with clean hands. 

  • Transaction /collection counters: 

A study published that researchers from a bank swabbed $1 bills and found hundreds of microorganisms on it. Germs carried from such places can easily get you trapped with the covid-19 germs. It is very important to keep an automatic sanitizer station at the entry and exit of the counters so that people touch bills, slips, etc., with clean and germ-free hands. ‘

  • Washrooms/restrooms:

Research reveals more than 60% of people using washrooms/restrooms have skipped washing hands with soap, they either just use water or totally skip it. Especially in a working sector where employees usually are seen rushing to wash hands with soap and then fry them doesn’t seem time-saving at all. The only solution which works for this situation is that a hand sanitizer station should be kept in the restrooms. 

  • Food courts:

It is quite understood that if we touch our food with untidy hands, additionally we’re eating germs with the food too. With dirty hands, we touch food and unknowingly consume let germs enter into the body and do damage to our body. 

No matter wherever you go, always remember to use sanitizer wherever possible. 

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