Looking For The Best LED Pods?

Planning to go off-roading and looking to add auxiliary lighting to your vehicle? . One of the easiest ways to add auxiliary lighting to your car or truck is with LED pods. These compact lights pack an incredible output into a small package. If you are looking for the best LED light pods on the market, check out the SS3 LED Pods from Diode Dynamics.

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Diode Dynamics is an American manufacturer specializing in automotive LED lighting. Based out of St. Louis, they are one of few lighting companies that actually manufacture lighting products here in the US. Their light pods are a new product, developed to meet their customers’ demand for a compact alternative to their powerful LED light bars. Using their advanced optics, the team at Diode Dynamics have designed a 3” light pod capable of illuminating objects up to a half mile away.

The secret to Diode Dynamics’ powerful off road lighting is their total internal reflection (TIR) optics. Most off road lighting options either use reflector or lenses to focus their light output. The outdated technology isn’t very efficient. Diode Dynamics’ TIR optics, on the other hand, ensure that all of the light output from the LEDs is focused right where it is needed instead of being wasted as glare or internal light loss.

The SS3, as its name suggests, is a 3 inch light pod featuring powerful LED chips. These pods are not only extremely bright, but they have a number of versatile applications. Because of their small size and Diode Dynamics’ variety of mounting options, you can add these lights to virtually any location on your vehicle. These lights can be mounted flush with your body panels, in place of your factory fog light housings, or using universal mounting brackets.

In addition to offering a wide range of mounting options, SS3 LED pods are also available in several functional beam patterns. Switching between beam patterns is a simple process. All you have to do is remove the four torx head screws from the back of the pod. Once this is complete, you should be able to remove the optic and replace it with your new optic of choice. You can find a full range of optics in clear and yellow in the replacement lenses category in the “Off Road – Accessories” section of the Diode Dynamics website.

There are four beam patterns available including:

  •  Spot – An unmodified TIR optic, this pattern creates a 6 degree spread of light perfect for illuminating distant objects. The 151,000 candela beam can shine up to a half mile on a clear night.
  •  Flood – The flood pattern produces an optically engineered 60 by 60 degree spread of light. Unlike many “flood” lights that produce an unfocused spot of light, the lense design on these optics ensures even lighting throughout the illumination pattern. 
  •  Driving – When it comes to using these pods on the road, the driving pattern is an SAE compliant supplement for your high beams illuminating in an 18 by 8 degree spread of light. 
  •  Fog – This pattern uses a wide 80 degree SAE compliant spread of light to illuminate the road directly ahead of your vehicle while driving in inclement weather.

No matter what location you are looking to mount a set of LED pods on your vehicle, the SS3 pods from Diode Dynamics are a perfect choice for your vehicle.

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