Looking For The Best Compatible Juul Pods?

Back when Juul offered a wide range of flavor options, users could choose whatever options they wanted. This included Juul compatible pods from other brands that offered more flavors than Juul brand pods. Due to the flavor ban, now only tobacco and menthol flavored options are available in stores. Now users looking for the best compatible Juul pods have to consider using a refillable product instead of purchasing pre-filled pods.

Companies like Blankz pods manufacturer Juul compatible pods that are designed to be refilled and reused. This not only offers an incredible value, but it gives Juul users practically limitless options when it comes to what flavors they want to enjoy. The flavor ban was put in place to attempt to limit the amount of underage pod vape users. While Juul products were always intended for adults, some believed that flavor pods appealed to teens and decided to remove them from sale. Luckily the ban says nothing about filling your own pods at home, meaning all you need is a Juul device, some Blankz pods, and a bottle of your favorite nicotine salt e-liquids.

Using nicotine salt e-liquids is key with these vape pods. Unlike traditional freebase nicotine, the salt form of nicotine can be vaporized at high concentrations without becoming too harsh for most users to enjoy. This makes these vape juices ideal for a pod system, which only produces a small cloud of vapor. Using traditional e-liquids in these pods will not be able to deliver enough nicotine in one of those small clouds.

Once you have a nic salt flavor that you enjoy and a pack of Blankz pods, the process of filling and using your new pods is quick and easy. All you have to do is remove the mouthpiece to expose the pod’s fill holes. Each Blankz pod can hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, meaning that they should last around 40% longer than Juul brand pods. Once your pod runs out, it can be refilled up to two additional times before you will begin to experience coil burn. If you start to notice popping and an off taste to your pod, all you have to do is throw it out and grab a fresh pod.

In addition to being easy to fill and offering users far more options, these pods can also help you save. Even before the flavor ban, Blankz was offering their pods to Juul users who were looking to save money on their pods. If refilled three times, a single Blankz pod can vape 3 ml of e-liquid, surpassing the capacity of an entire 4 pack of Juul brand pods. When you compare costs and factor in the price of e-liquids, you can still expect to save over 70% off the cost of your pods when you make the switch to Blankz. For pod per day users, that savings can add up to over $1000 per year!

To learn more about the best compatible Juul pods, you need to pay a visit to www.blankzpods.com. Their pods are the perfect way to turn your old Juul battery into a versatile refillable pod system. In addition to offering these great pods, the team at Blankz also offer a wide variety of nicotine salt e-liquids to fill them with. They make it easy to recreate Juul classics like mango and mint while also making it possible to explore plenty of flavor options that Juul never offered. So if you are ready to reclaim your Juul vaporizer, give it new life by making the switch to Blankz Pods!

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