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Live Game Streaming and Why It’s Grown in Popularity

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Live Game Streaming

A favorite pastime among gamers and non-gamers alike is streaming live games and gaming tournaments. But what is making this trend so popular? Could it be that gamers are watching other gamers for tips and tricks? Or is it just a form of relaxation? Could it also be the new form of reality TV?

There are a range of possibilities with this one, but what we know for certain is that game streaming will not leave us any time soon, in fact, it will probably continue to grow. There are also so many streamers out there where you can learn a thing or two so that you can start streaming today

Similar personalities

One thing about gaming, it’s relatable and fun. Sometimes it’s frustrating too but that’s a topic for another day. Seeing people with the same personality as you battle it out in your favorite game, live, is epic and an experience of note.

While all of this keeps streaming relevant, there is nothing that can really top having to see someone who looks just like you, playing a game you love. To top it off, you can interact with the streamer and gain some insights into the game, all in one!

Entertainment and education

The world is no stranger to Game Streaming. Shows such as Celebrity Big Brother are live streams (although on paid TV channels) where we watch people interact and go about their day to win an epic cash prize. In the interaction here, you vote for your favorite to win the overall competition. But with modern-day streaming, the crux of it is to entertain and for the most part, educate fellow and aspiring gamers. Streaming live games also offers a form of escapism.

Often, we find ourselves consumed by work and our families and gaming offers an escape from reality many desperately need. For the most part, the gaming fraternity is a judgment-free space (unless you are a spoofer, in which case you will be judged) which also allows fellow players and gamers who watch streams, a safe space to just enjoy and be themselves.

Live Game Streaming


Gaming tournament prep

A striking reason streaming online games is so popular is that amateur gamers use it as a form of learning new skills. Now, this is interesting in the fact that these would-be gamers are also learning the tricks of their fellow gamers.

While the best way to learn techniques is to physically play games yourself, you will more than likely notice certain skills while watching others play. Improving your gaming skills also allows you to enter online gaming leagues knowing you’ve mastered the ins and outs of that particular game and watched others do so.

Playing without playing

Many gamers have found themselves in a position where they are dead set on playing a game but have not yet found the time nor the energy to do so. This is where streaming games come in once again. Even before you buy a game, streaming another gamer playing it first can help you to decide whether it’s worth the money and to figure out the gameplay.

In other words, it saves you from hours of frustration if the game is not what you’d hoped it would be and also gives you a one-up if you do buy the game.

The simple things

We’ve said this before but there is just some form of relaxation when it comes to gaming. Streaming games is no different. Both gamers and non-gamers find it therapeutic to stream games while doing something else or even nothing. Having the game stream in the background allows you to stay on-trend with current games, as well as offer relaxation. A winning combination in our book. 

The simple things


There is a science to it, apparently 

Popular streaming platforms like Twitch afford millions of people the opportunity to stream their gaming AND to watch others do so. Studies have shown that people who watch live streams have a specific behavior. According to the study, gamers cited their interest in streaming to watch gamers play, to discover new strategies for gameplay, and to figure out how good a game is before they buy it. The real driver here is in fact Twitch.

Twitch makes for one remarkable marketing platform. On the other end, the study also looked at social factors. One that we’ve mentioned before, interacting with like-minded individuals and communities. The more hours a person spends watching a live game stream, the greater the chance of interacting with like-minded communities. It is human nature to want to belong and the gaming community is one awesome community to belong to.