Little Known Facts About Modern Rugs In Melbourne

Make your place beautiful with modern rugs in Australia! 

‘Beauty of a home, The soul of every room, A beautiful addition to the house, and what not’! These are the definitions that pop in our minds when we think about rugs. Isn’t it? Now it’s time for you to add some fascination to all the beauty. With the fun facts about the rugs that prevailed in history, you’d be astounded for sure! 

Here’s how Stephen Fletcher, the well-known appraiser looks back at the history of floor coverings, or you might call it ‘modern rugs’. 

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the little known facts about modern decor rugs and find out which rug fits your definition of ‘ best rugs for modern homes’.

The Essence Of The Apartment 

There was an American author called Edgar Allan Poe who was known for his lamenting poetry and short stories. He had a lot of things to say about modern rugs in Australia. In the year 1840, he wrote an essay about interior decorating, where he stated that rug/carpet is the soul of an apartment. According to Stephen Fletcher, this observation is very true because these floor coverings set the tone of the room. Everyone knows how delightful a modern rug looks in a room!

Turkey Carpets

These were also known as the Oriental rugs and were considered too expensive to foot traffic on the filthy or unpaved streets. You see, these turkey carpets were too luxurious. The proud owners of oriental rugs draped them on the table instead of the floor. Totally amazing, indeed! You’d love to add these amazing modern rugs in Melbourne to your room.

Sand Patterns 

This is definitely a weird yet amazing fact about the rugs. The 17th century was considered style-conscious but frugal. So, in this century American housewives poured all the clean sand on the bare floor while swirling all the grains into the patterns around the rug. This was done with a broom to add an elegant design on the surroundings of the rug. Pretty shocking, right?


You’d be delighted to know that by the 18th century, the modern rugs in heavy canvas came into existence. There were American floor cloths that were painted in vibrant geometric designs, swirling marble designs, and so on. Some patterns were completely based on the oriental carpets to make their way towards the rich houses. This gave birth to geometric pattern rugs.

So, you understand it very well how stunningly amazing these modern rugs are! 

Happy Home Decor!

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