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List of top 5 Android Emulators for PC

List of top 5 Android Emulators for PC

Installing the best Android emulator on Pc will allow you to have access to all the applications that generally run only on your tablets and smartphones, directly from your PC or your Mac. Perfect for those who want to play mobile games on their computer, but that’s not the only advantage of a good Android emulator. We explain all this in this article!

Install the best android emulator for PC thanks to our top 5 and transform your machine, with this operating system that you know well!

Why do we need an android emulator on a PC?

The principle of emulation is simple. It involves installing a program on your machine, which will imitate another program that does not normally run on it. There are several telling examples, especially in the world of video games, with many emulators allowing to recreate the environment of old consoles (Playstation, Super NES, etc.) and to play their games directly on a PC.

In the case of an Android emulator, it will be a question of reproducing the system that you use on your smartphone and your tablets, with the applications, directly on the machine. And there are several advantages to doing that:

  • You can download your favourite games and apps from the Play store and play from the PC
  • Optimize the use of your PC by installing applications that do not exist on Windows or Mac.
  • Developers will be able to test their app directly from their computer
  • You’ll save battery on your phone and tablet
  • Your posture will be better in front of a PC than with your neck bent on your smartphone: think about it to play Candy Crush!
  • Some of the best Android emulators for pc allow you to have multiple apps open at the same time: enough to chat on Whatsapp while playing and watching a video!

To find the sensations of your mobile devices on a computer, you now have the solution. Here is our top 5, so that you can choose the best Android emulator for Pc. You can download it for free from  – Best download Portal.

Best Android PC emulator: our selection of 5 powerful emulators

The best Android emulator will be able to reproduce the sensations you have on your mobile devices identically. It will be easily installed, can be used and according to its specificities, it will be able to run massive games, small applications, and it will, of course, be free!

Android Bluestack Emulator

The Bluestack Android emulator is ideal if you like the Android environment. It offers to transform your machine into a giant smartphone, with a full screen, including applications, a Store, tabs, just like the Play Store.

From then on, with a simple Google account, you will be able to download whatever you want. You have to click on the application, download it (this will be done via the Play store), and install it, to enjoy it on your PC screen. Especially recommended if you are a gamer, tired of wearing out your eyes on your mobile screens.

Bluestack is a benchmark in emulation, with more than 85 million downloads. With its multitasking system that allows you to open several applications simultaneously and the superb resolution offered, it is the best Android Pc emulator for those who want a simple and very functional system! 


Memu identically reproduces the interface of a tablet, and you will not be lost. However, it is possible to configure this interface, to switch it to smartphone format if you prefer. In front of you, your applications – downloadable from the Play Store – or the possibility of running APK files which you would have recovered elsewhere.

It’s not very pretty, let’s face it, but Memu performs very well. Faster than Bluestack for example, it even offers more settings to the user who can choose to display a virtual keyboard or change the screen resolution.

Its strength is its automatic compatibility with APK applications. With one click, no matter where the APK file is located, it will be opened via Memu for quick use. It is, therefore, the best android PC emulator if you can configure your machine!

Nox player

Free, this Android emulator runs on the 4.4.2 system, which is not the most recent, but you should not encounter compatibility concerns on most of the apps. It is effortless to install and has some impressive advantages, especially for gamers!

The ability to plug in a controller and configure it to play your favourite Android games might tip the scales in favour of this program. Besides, it has a performance enhancement feature that boosts graphics and fluidity. It’s not blatant about the fluidity, but at least you get a neat resolution picture and not pixel mush on the screen.

All Play Store apps are accessible and once downloaded, click to launch them. The ones you already have, in APK, will work with a simple swipe in Nox Player. The best emulator for gamers, without a doubt, which only catches the old version of Android that it supports.

Droid 4X

Complete and appreciated by FPS players or racing games, this emulator allows you to run larger software on your PC. It also has a graphics performance booster and is fully configurable. Those who swear by the mouse + keyboard combo will be happy to apply their method on favourite Android games.

The interface, quite cold, will however not be disorienting for those who frequently use their smartphone and their tablets. We would have liked a little more colour, but the whole is quite easy to use. Also, we like the possibility of launching an APK by simply dragging it onto the Droid 4X program.

Fast and efficient, we don’t ask for more!

KOP Player

The Kop Player emulator runs on Android 4.4.4 which is a bit dated, but that won’t stop your apps from working. We like it a lot, for several reasons. First, it’s easy to configure, and you can do it in details: keyboard settings, resolution adaptation, increased gaming performance, and even access to your convenient webcam for some apps, on which you have to put your face.

Kop Player also has a button to record your screen, which will delight YouTubers and creators of content such as tutorials or live game sessions. Like its competitors, KOP Player reads applications that you will download directly from the Play Store, but also APK files.

The only downside, it is rarely updated, and it happens to freeze from time to time, which is annoying! But apart from this concern, it is one of the best Android Pc emulators of the moment.

What you need to know to use an Android emulator on a PC

Be aware that it can be useful to try several of these emulators, to see which one works best on your computer. Indeed, the performance of these programs is linked to the configuration of your machine and an emulator dedicated to video games, for example, will not offer the same results on all computers.

It is possible that with a computer that is too old, not powerful enough, the emulated games will be of poor quality. But if your machine is current, it should pass. The best Android Pc emulator will be able to optimize its resources to offer you the best rendering. And you will gain in ease of use, by posting photos on Instagram that you edit in full screen or by beating all your records with controllers in hand! Using an Android emulator makes it easier to use your favourite programs, without damaging your body by staring at your mobile screens.