Liquid EHR – Everything you need to know (2021)

Company Introduction

Founded in 2006, Liquid EHR has been providing advanced medical solutions for ophthalmologists. The medical software provider combines best practices of an electronic medical record and practice management. The system was designed keeping in consideration the concerns faced by doctors when diagnosing and treating eye disorders.

If you are an ophthalmologist looking to streamline your clinical workflows for 2021, we suggest reading this article since it analyzes Liquid EHR‘s top features, pricing, and demonstration.

Top features of Liquid EHR

Image management tool

There is a strong reliance of ophthalmologists on the use of images to diagnose and treat eye diseases properly. LiquidEHR provides a centralized database where all photos are stored securely. The system is HIPAA compliant, which means that eye doctors do not need to worry about information being compromised by hackers.

Additionally, an image drawing tool is also provided for the ease of practitioners. The latter can draw directly on images as well as write notes on them. This results in better record keeping and accurate exchange of information.   


With LiquidEHR, practitioners can prescribe medicines in an instant. Once an appointment concludes, doctors can prescribe drugs and lab tests that are shared with a pool of pharmacies and laboratories across the country. Once lab test results are received, they are integrated directly into a patient’s medical records. This allows ophthalmologists to review these reports on a timely basis so that serious cases can be given immediate attention and care.

Patient Portal

The care and convenience of patients is the core responsibility of each and every medical facility. Liquid EHR ensures maximum utility through its interactive patient portal. Through this portal, patients can schedule future appointments, review discharge summaries and pay for expenses online. They can also communicate directly with doctors to keep them updated with any progress or reactions to medicines.

Patient information and demographics can be updated without calling the administration staff or visiting a physical facility. The patient kiosk module allows patients to fill forms online before their appointment commences. This will ensure the updated storing of data and aid in lowering down anxieties before consultations.


Telehealth is the most sought after feature by practitioners in today’s day and age. The ongoing pandemic has gotten worse in 2021, which has reinforced why practitioners need to provide alternate, safer ways of delivering care. Liquid EHR makes it possible for ophthalmologists to offer virtual consultations to patients suffering from eye disorders.

Accompanied by the patient portal, contract-free healthcare can be provided. Patients will have to schedule an appointment and then pay for it. On the day and time of the appointment, a link will be provided to patients that will initiate the video consultation. Towards the end, doctors can prescribe medicines that are instantly shared with a network of pharmacies.


The scheduler tool offered allows users to manage existing and future appointments properly. Through this feature, practitioners can schedule new appointments and reschedule them as and when required. The system also allows quick access to waitlists, which can be improved to improve the patient experience. On the appointment dashboard, users can place the cursor on top of an appointment to quickly access patients’ information. This will allow doctors to always be prepared before an appointment initiates.

Pricing of Liquid EHR

As compared to other ophthalmology EMR systems, Liquid EHR has been priced competitively. The in-office version of the software costs $199 per month, while the cloud-based version costs around $299 per month. Both the variants include free setup and give access to all modules. In addition to this, both the packages include unlimited technical support via email and phone, online training, software upgrades, and new features.

Demonstration of Liquid EHR

The medical software provider understands how investing in an EMR system is costly for any facility size. Hence, a free demo/trial is offered that allows potential clients to use the system before fully committing to it. To request a demo, a practitioner would simply have to provide the necessary information, after which a company representative will get in touch with him/her. The demo gives an idea of whether a system is compatible with a facility’s workflows.

Should you invest in Liquid EHR?

If you are an ophthalmologist hoping to improve clinical workflows in 2021, then investing in Liquid EHR is a good option. The medical software includes advanced tools at a fraction of the cost and provides a user-friendly interface and impeccable customer support. Before you make any decision, we highly recommend using the free trial to gauge whether the system is meant for you or not.

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