Light Up Your Living Space

A great outdoor living space is made up of a variety of elements. There is no space for compromise on any one of these elements. Neglecting one or prioritising another can lead you to end up setting up an outdoor space that will feel unbalanced or incomplete. 

Outdoor lighting is amongst these elements. A great outdoor space should look welcoming throughout the day and strategically organised outdoor lighting will add to its aesthetics through the night. If you pick the right form of lighting for your outdoor space, it can actually transform your outdoor living during the night. In addition to aesthetics, lighting will help you in extending your living space and enhancing the safety of your outdoors. 

Here are our favourite tips and tricks to help you light up your outdoor spaces: 

Entrance Lights:

When we talk about the outdoors of a home, the first thing we think of is its entrance. This is the area that sets the tone for the whole space of your home. Therefore, it should not be compromised at any cost. Your entrance may look great during the daylight because of aesthetic features like beautiful planters, door mats, and small furniture pieces you have placed in the entrance of your home. However, these may become invisible when it is dark outside. The only way to highlight these features and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home entrance is lighting. Remember, there should be no compromise on lighting on either side of the door. Make use of wall mounted coach lights, down lights , and in-ground fittings to make it more beautiful during night. 

Highlight Features:

Your lawn would look amazing in the daylight, everything will be visible including landscapes, greenery, and trees. However, your visitors will not be able to see these highlights during night. Therefore, you need to install strategic lights in order to focus on these highlights. Spike lights can be the best solution to do this. You can also use LED outdoor lights for this purpose. In case of LED lights, if you want to highlight various trees in your lawn you can use 5 Watts light for small trees and 8 Watts for larger trees. Make sure you angle the lights strategically to cover the whole structure of the tree including its trunk. 

Alfresco Lights:

If you have an appropriate outdoor space, then you would surely like to host parties, bbqs, and alfresco dinners with your family members and mates. However, you need to think properly before installing anylight because there are chances that you may overdo it. For instance, if you install overhead light directly on the dining table, it can be too harsh and might make your guests uncomfortable and invite pests to the dining table. Keep the light angled to get the best view and make it comfortable for your alfresco guests. If your dining table is under a tree then you can use a pool of tree-mounted fittings. This light pool will look amazing and create a cool environment that will be perfect for your alfresco.

Light up the Driveway:

Your driveway is also included in your outdoors. It should be framed with outdoor lights for a perfect view. You can use bollards with small machined fittings that are similar to plants in terms of tone for ambience. You can also use spike lights for this purpose, but make sure these lights are not too bright otherwise the highlights of your driveway will fade because of too much lighting.

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