Learn The Quran With The Best Online Female Quran Tutor Via Skype

The learning styles are changing with development in technology. A decade ago, there was no concept of distance learning. Today, we have different software and learning tools. Previously, we were restricted to learn with a few teachers but now we can connect multiple scholars simultaneously. Likewise, in Muslims a state finding a good Quran teacher is possible. Even you can send your kids to mosque or madrassah for learning the Quran. Contrary, it is extremely difficult to find a good Islamic scholar in non-Muslim states. The online Quran academies have solved this problem. Now you can connect with certified teachers via online classes.

I would like to share my experience with all of you. My daughter was learning the Quran in a mosque but it was very difficult for me to take her routinely there. Moreover, it was becoming difficult for her to manage her school and Quran learning simultaneously. I tried to find the online female Quran tutors for my daughter. I browsed many websites to find the best option for my daughter. Although there were many male tutors yet I preferred female Quran teachers. The only reason for selecting a female Quran teacher was that my daughter feels comfortable learning with them.

I started trial classes and I felt obligated to start taking online Quran classes. I discussed all aspects with the tutor to improve this two-way learning. The teacher makes sure that she will be available on time to facilitate the student. At 6 pm my daughter is used to taking classes. The teacher is very punctual and dedicated. My daughter feels relaxed and easy while asking questions with her. Her teacher always answers her queries according to the teachings of Islam.

As I selected an online Quran reading course for my daughter, the focal point of the online female Quran tutor was the pronunciation of alphabets. The teacher taught her Tajweed rules. All alphabets are not pronounced the same. There are multiple positions in the throat and mouth to pronounce each word accurately. The teacher asked my daughter to practice those alphabets regularly. Moreover, she assisted her by providing phonics and short videos for a better understanding.

The online Quran classesvia Skype help everyone to learn the Quran anywhere at any time. During face-to-face sessions, the entire attention of the teacher is directed upon the students. As one teacher is tutoring one student at one time, the teachers can quickly identify the faults of students. Likewise, the female teacher pointed out the mistakes of my daughter while reading the Quran. It strengthened the learning behavior of my daughter. Instead of wasting time on one thing, she learned it quickly.

The communication style of female tutors is worthy to explain here. She addresses all issues brilliantly. My daughter never felt the communication gap. The teacher is trained to speak English fluently. Her friendly and influencing nature compels my daughter to explore the beauty of Islam. Moreover, she taught Islamic history, fiqh, and basic aqeeda to my daughter. Alhamdulillah, my daughter feels self-sufficient to recite the Quran eloquently.

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