How Do You Know If You Have Passed A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

How Do You Know If You Have Passed A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

A pre-employment drug test is used to assess if the prospective contractor takes illegal substances or uses prescription medications. It can also be used by workers returning to work following injury or absence, at which time it can be referred to as a pre-placement drug screening. There are multiple organizations that tie-up with onsite drug testing services in this regard.

Drug monitoring is the most successful way for employers to find out whether or not candidates or existing staff are using drugs. Workplace drug monitoring can be used to identify recent use of drugs and alcohol. And can improve the safety of the workplace for all workers. Screening workers for drug use will also help companies save a lot of money. Drug use has been related to higher health care expenses and short-term disability claims.

Outcomes of Pre-employment drug testing

It usually only takes a few days to get the results of a drug test in the workplace. A business may even require a quick test, which can give results on an exact day. Negative results are easily delivered within 24-hours of the drug testing procedures. Non-negative outcomes will take additional time due to the additional research needed.

Negative outcome

If your test results are negative for drugs, a clinical survey official needs to contact your manager with the results. Your boss will normally have to be in touch with you at that signal concerning the next stages of the recruitment cycle.

Positive Outcome

If you test positive for drugs or liquor, an official will get in contact with you for medical intervention. For example, you might be consuming any alternative or home-grown prescription medications that might have affected the test results. If you do, you may be approached to prove that a legitimate remedy has been verified.

Specimens used in pre-employment drug testing

Urine, hair, blood, and saliva are the most common drug screening specimens used during onsite drug testing. Urine is prescribed for controlled drug testing. However, the urine test has a shorter detection window compared to other specimens, such as the costlier hair drug test. However, Illicit drugs can only be found in urine for 5 to 10 days, but hair drug testing can track drug or alcohol use for up to 90 days.

Blood tests are very effective, but they are expensive and invasive. However, the detection time is shorter (minutes to hours). Finally, the saliva test (also known as the oral fluid test) is less invasive and also has a shorter detection time (7-21 hours) than the urine test. The saliva drug test can be an appropriate alternative to the urine test if the employer wishes to prevent complications that occur when the employee does not have enough urine.

precautions to take before going for pre-employment drug testing

Some companies may include testing of certain prescribed drugs, such as oxycodone and barbiturates. So, it will be easier if you provide the lab with your existing medical prescriptions. The amount of time required for a drug to get away from your body varies.  Cannabis may take between one and five days for irregular clients and up to 30 days for continual clients. Cocaine, amphetamines, and barbiturates may take as long as 96 hours, and PCP as long as seven days to leave your body.

How Pre-employment Drug Testing is conducted in Corpus Christi?

Before the actual drug test, you will need to sign an authorization letter to get your prospective manager to approach your outcomes. Both you and the business authorities are going to get a copy from the lab that mentions whether you’re going through the assessment.

Your results are likely to come through the post office, while most of the results will be delivered to your manager by dispatch or fax. If you prefer not to buckle down for the results via the post office, you may call the HR office within a few days to make sure if you have passed the screening.

While most emergency care physicians can administer pre-employment drug testing, many lack expert knowledge of all forms of occupational drug testing. They are less qualified to assist the employer in establishing a company’s substance testing program. Workplace drug monitoring falls beyond the spectrum of programs offered by occupational health providers.

The problem of legitimate clinical and recreational use of marijuana by representatives is complicated by the fact that the national government has not approved the use of cannabis. Some states have decreed that secure clinical cannabis clients, others do not. For example, the New York Compassionate Care Act provides insurance to workers. The recommended clinical marijuana is considered to have a “disability” underneath the New York State Human Rights Act.


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