Know Everything About Kitchens and How They Can Change Your Living Experience

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home and it has the right to be called so. Just imagine coming home every night after a stressful day and having no place to fill your tummy or your heart. A kitchen is, thus, doubtlessly, one true blessing. In the past, kitchens used to stay in the back of the household, and food would be cooked there, away from everyone’s eyes. But now, time has changed, and the concept of a kitchen has also evolved with time. From the very back of the home, kitchens have come a long way, to the absolute center of the household. From dark and dull kitchens, they have become stunning, organized places worthy of showing off.

However, back in the past, there were not so many options when it came to the look or structure of the kitchen, but now, with modern ideas and the help of technology, builders have come up with really amazing and work-efficient kitchen models that can prove to be complete game changers. Some of these kitchen layouts are L shaped kitchen, U shaped kitchen, Parallel kitchen etc. Here’s a brief view of some of the kitchen designs just for you so that you can choose the best for your home.

●     L shaped kitchen —

As the name suggests, an L shaped kitchen has the distinct base structure that looks exactly like the English letter ‘L’. These kitchen take up one wall for the placement of the stove, refrigerator and the sink, and the tail of the ‘L’ is provided as the counter, that can be turned into a bar, breakfast corner or even a separate prep area. These kitchens are suitable for all kinds of homes and, therefore, are the most common, compared to the other kitchen types.

●     U Shaped Kitchen —

This kitchen is different from the L shaped kitchen in every respect. They have a lot of storage space in the upper and lower cabinets and a big floor space. More than one person can easily work in these kitchens. They also have a straight workflow. This kitchen type is best suited for big houses and studio apartments.

●     Parallel Kitchen —

Parallel kitchens have a narrow workspace and a lot of storage space. They take up two walls that face each other and, therefore, have the maximum storage space, compared to any other kitchen layouts. You can literally stack anything and everything in those upper, lower and side cabinets. They are not connected to the main living area like the other ones, but the workflow is otherwise convenient and consistent.

●     G Shaped Kitchen —

G shaped kitchens look like a straight kitchen, but with an island for the counter. These kitchens provide the look of an island. They are packed with storage and the counter space is a lot bigger than the other kitchens. Like other kitchen layouts, a G shaped kitchen is connected with the main workspace of the household. These kitchens are suitable for big homes and loft apartments.

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