Key Benefits of Using Digital Signage Displays

The retail industry is going through a massive transformation, moving towards digital. Increased use of technology in the industry means that owners need to be tech-savvy to increase sales. Today digital signage displays are everywhere, be-it retail stores, hospitals, pharmacies, fast food drives, and even stadiums. As digital technology grows, marketers are capitalizing on smart digital signage.

Analysts expect digital signage to grow in worth more than $29 billion by 2024. Digital signage is progressively becoming more reliable with extra features like increased interactivity and personalization. Digital signage displays have proven to be a great tool in improving customer experience and overall brand awareness.

Why Digital Displays is the Best Signage Solution in 2020?

Retailers believe that digital signage is the best tool to connect brands with customers. If you are planning to renovate your signage strategy, digital displays might be the best option for you in the future. Here are the top 5 benefits of using digital signage display for brand marketing.

Digital Signage is inexpensive

One of the most promising benefits of digital signage is that these are inexpensive as compared to print media. These signs are far less expensive when it comes to displaying new ads and changing marketing content, etc.

By using new technology like OLED and LED signage, you can further decrease your electricity cost because these are environmentally friendly and take up little electricity.

Enables you to display time-sensitive adds instantly

Did you know, the lead time on a print advertisement is a minimum of six weeks! For most companies, it is even longer than that. Imagine waiting six or more weeks to refresh your advertisement when your competitors are ahead of you! This is where digital signage comes in. These LED displays are connected to the internet, which means you can roll out fresh ads and marketing content every day!

You can create with your display – for example; you can display social media feeds, weather, official website, videos, etc. Another advantage of using digital signage is that you can run relevant ads depending upon the day, time, and even geographical location. For example, you can display breakfast ads in the morning or market rain gear on a rainy day, etc.

Increase in overall sales

Did you know, research shows that digital signage increases dwell time by almost 30% in retail business! in terms of digital marketing, that is a high number. Dwell time is an average amount of time the user spends on your digital signage before bouncing off. With a 30% increase in dwell time, you can most certainly get your message across the customer.

Digital signage also helps in increasing sales because digital marketing is more compelling than traditional print boards. Think about the New York Times Square and its buildings with flashy LED signage! Companies are always at war to land signage in Times Square because that’s how efficient they are.

Imagine the exposure you get when every passer-by and millions of pedestrians see your LED signage!

Digital Signage is interactive

Digital signage displays let you leverage video, which is far more engaging than stills. By using digital display, you can use videos to grab customer’s attention and provide a more engaging experience by using animation like zoom effects and artwork.

Digital signage lest you interact with your customer – For example, you can run social media promotion through digital displays and have customers sign up to receive discounts and special offers like popular food franchise McDonalds. You can use digital signage to get your message across and increase overall sales.

Low Administration costs

Digital signage material might be expensive when it comes to the initial installation, but you save money in the long run by a huge reduction in printing and other administration costs. Digital signage is considered as a capital investment because there is a one-time expense that is easily managed through marketing budget and increase in sales.

Digital signage administration is a lot easier as compared to conventional print signage. For example, you have ten franchises; with digital signage, you can update all of them from a single location. You only need one person to manage your signage and make sure it is consistent with your brand.

It creates a more consistent brand experience, and it is easier to comply with the ever-changing regulations. To reduce administration costs, we suggest consulting Outdoor signage Dubai based experts to make signage faster and easier for you.

Get Creative with Digital Signage!

These are some of the reasons why digital signage might be the best signage solution for your company. It gives you a chance to get creative with advertisements campaigns and engage customers with catchy visuals. So get in touch with a signage company and get started on designing a compelling signage strategy for your franchise.

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