If you have been piling your playlist with ‘70s rock and stoner EDM music, you’re on the course of depriving yourself of a stoned trip. Since the psychedelic drugs’ health benefits are debatable, states like California and Oregon are working towards legalizing magic mushrooms’ recreational use. This takes place in the wake of several studies like the 2020’s Global Drug Survey, stating that people worldwide consider these psychedelic supplements as one of the potent drugs.

With a building momentum amid the psychedelic culture, scientists and researchers are reaching out and learning about the benefits of CBD and buying at a shatter store. Furthermore, many users tend to assist their tripping with psychedelic music. Some might not know about the fact, but are you aware of some breathtaking compositions that can tog you to places? 

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Experts point out that just like party playlist, the order of songs is essential to crafting the perfect atmosphere, specifically in the “onset, psyche-peak, and post-peak phases.” The music played in the onset phase should be unfolding, supportive, and forward-moving like Edward Elgar’s composition of “Nimrod” and H.R. Reynolds’ “O Magnum Mysterium.” However, once you are into the peak phase, things need to slow down. 

Music & Psychedelic Peak

When you hit the peak phase, music that you’re listening to becomes a mirror of consciousness that you might even register in unitive awareness. But, it tends to be present like a thorough net below the trapeze artists. The psychedelic and music cocktail comprises several inclusions from traditional luminaries such as Bach, Brahms, Mozart, and Beethoven, coupled with some dashes of various compositions that fall under different cultures.

With the trip’s effects wearing down after a point, you can alter the playlist to a more free-form. Let’s take, for instance, incorporating more familiar sources of inspiration and positivity would be an ideal option for you to switch from a peak phase to a comforting one. Moreover, lyrics make a welcoming appearance during this post-peak phase. However, their absence takes place for an ideal reason. 

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Experts state that a human’s voice acts as a choir or solo that can be maternal and supportive. However, most people reckon it as another piece of the instrument of an orchestra. By this point in time, you might be thinking about the psychedelic numbers that will make you travel to unknown and unexplored destinations. Here’s a list of numbers you can add to your playlist.

  1. July – Dandelion Seeds

July is a lost British classical-psychedelic group of musicians. The composition to this number starts with a funky, groovy, bluesy rock background. Post that, it suddenly cross-fades to a different trippy song.

  1. Kaleidoscope – Egyptian Garden

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Kaleidoscope was influenced by traditional and ethnic instruments and notes that take you to the Middle East and Turkey. Want more accountability? Jimmy Page once referred to this band as one of his favorites.

  1. Peanut Butter Conspiracy – Why Did I Get So High

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy is a group of musicians that are quite popular even today. Spencer Dryden, their drummer, later on, became a part of Jefferson Airplane. And Glen Campbell happened to play on their second album. However, they never crossed paths.

  1. The United States Of America – The American Metaphysical Circus

There were no guitars initially, making them the first group to play synths. All the songs of this record point towards the American dystopia. The band was way ahead in time, which made a name and gave rise to an unorthodox personality.

  1. Os Mutantes – O Relógio

Heard of Kurt Cobain? He loved the way this group of musicians played and produced records from their studios. This record is quite popular in the stoner community for its unusual distortion notes since it was challenging to look for stuff back in Brazil at that time.

  1. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

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Even though this one should be on the first spot of psychedelic numbers, the veteran group of musicians made sure that the composition had multiple rides. With Roger Walter’s voice to David Gilmour’s endless guitar solo, pickings provide a never-ending high to stoners. Psychedelic rock emerged with the introduction of Pink Floyd. 

Final Thoughts

Experts have a handful of suggestions on how you can incorporate and integrate this very psychedelic system into your practice for all the psychedelic therapists. 

Firstly, you have to indulge in your work. Even though you have experienced Nirvana, it doesn’t mean that another individual will go through the same. It is essential to explore your depth. 

Second, make a dynamic playlist. Look for sorrowful songs and go for instruments that play such numbers best. Post that, pour some movie soundtracks into your ears for suspenseful and passionate elements. Lastly, look for some breathtaking psychedelic records on Spotify.

By rebecca