Invest in UrbanClap clone: An exemplary way to boost your business visibility and enhance growth

In today’s digital world, almost every business is operated via applications. Why should on-demand service apps be an exception to that case? Entrepreneurs can get extended business growth by investing in applications. According to a Livemint report, Urban Company has reported a 103% increase in a year-on-year rise. The growth rate is mainly attributed to the demand for the beauty and wellness services that are part of the Urban Company app. 

Home services app like UrbanClap have several services. People are looking for economic solutions, they prefer hiring gardeners for a day than employing one as a full-time worker. This has provoked the need for diversity in the services such as home appliances, housekeeping, carpet cleaning, babysitting, and many more, and accommodate the needs of a wide audience. 

Perks of having an app like Urban Company for your business

Enhance brand visibility: Customers will download the app. Each time they use the app, they need to click on the icon with the app name. By this, they will get familiar with the product. This may intentionally be done but it leads to increased brand awareness among customers. 

According to App Annie, customers have downloaded 204 billion apps in the year 2019. Nowadays, people are likely to use apps over traditional means of hiring workmen.

Boost direct marketing: The direct means of marketing includes the traditional way of promoting the product through flyers. These advertisements do not reach the target audience in the shortest time possible as people often ignore these flyers and advertisements. 

Social media marketing offers a sophisticated and enhanced medium for connecting with people globally. Almost everyone is part of social media apps nowadays, so with some efficient marketing strategies, the app can become instantly popular.

Seamless communication: Customers are looking for person-to-person interaction to know better about the services before getting them. There must be proper communication channels to facilitate uninterrupted communication among customers. Customers are able to communicate with service providers through in-app chat and call.

Best ways to market an app like Urban Company 

Customers will not know about the product until and unless they have heard about it somewhere. Marketing is one of the well-known strategies to promote your product. These are the following reasons for undertaking market research:

  • Familiarize the product with a wider audience.
  • When new features and updates are introduced, customers will not be familiar with them. Marketing will likely introduce new upgradations to customers.
  • An effective strategy to retain customers. For instance, they are likely to use the product again to check out the newer aspects or discounts that they have come across in the social media apps.

Some of the effective marketing strategies are listed below: 

Creating an informative blog post

Creating blog posts is an effective way to market products. These blog posts can have information regarding more about the products like features, the latest advancements in the field, news snippets, and so on. It does not provide immediate popularity, but in the long run, more people will run to use the products. An increase in Google search results ranking will inevitably lead to more customers directed to your landing page, and so on. 

Social Media Advertisements 

We often see advertisements on Instagram and Facebook in the form of stories, posts,  and banners. It is really hard to resist the temptation to click it. Facebook strategically plans advertisements based on customers’ interests, demographic details, preferences, and focuses the ads on the targeted group of people.

Leverage the power of social media influencers 

Social media influencers have a solid understanding of the platform that they are using. They have the power of the thousands of followers who check out their posts, stories and take them as their inspiration. These are trending campaigning strategies even followed by the leading brands.

When it comes to an app like Urban Company, a solid word from the service professionals is all that is required to promote the product on a global scale.

Develop relationships with email marketing 

Just sending an email to promote the product is not sufficient, provide free monthly reports or samples in the lines of on-demand service apps or anything similar to Urban Clap-like apps. This way, customers will get something in turn and will start looking for these monthly reports in their mails. 

Once you find the demand to channelize customers’ needs by incorporating the features in the UrbanClap like app development, market them through reliable marketing strategies. It would not take more than a few minutes to effectively strategize your business towards a righteous path.


Urban Company has evolved over the years to be one of the top-rated applications in the on-demand service sector. Perform a comparison of your app against competitors during every stage of the development of the UrbanClap clone script. This will help you analyze and evaluate your current positions and take the relevant stand for improvement.  

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