Introducing the Best Turbotax Alternatives Here: Check Them All Out Now

Tax software has been here for quite a time now. Long gone are those days when the filing of taxes was done manually. It was a long and complicated process indeed. Therefore, with the most awaited technological boom more and more tax software emerged that replaced the manual method altogether.

Turbotax is one of the pioneering tax software that is popular even today. Starting as early as the 1980s, Turbotax made things pretty easy for the world of tax filers. Besides, what is amazing is that most of the features of the software came for free back then. However, as the years rolled on more and more apps began to be developed and along with them decent tax software also came into being. This software started to offer a whole new range of attractive features and facilities for their customers and clients in order to help them in their tax-related endeavors. This way they started to seal their place gradually developing as fantastic alternatives to Turbotax.

Turbotax is distinguished for its efficiency. Starting from the 1980s, Turbotax was recognized as one of the most popular and effective tax software people can use. The cost of its packages was also really less during the initial phase when it started. Furthermore, it also proved to be quite easy for the newbie’s. However, nowadays numerous people are looking for Turbotax alternatives to pull off their tax filing activities without spending much time or money. This is partly because Turbotax has been quite expensive when compared to the other tax software and partly because it hasn’t updated its time to cope with the needs of the present. If you are still wondering about the tax software you can use to fulfill your tax filing requirements, then here we bring you 3 alternatives for Turbotax.

H&R Block

H&R Block offers its users a free package for the basic returns, much like what you get with Turbotax. Besides, with H&R Block’s free plans, it is also easy to file some additional forms and schedules. You might say that Turbotax also offers this feature, but using H&R Block filing more schedules and forms are possible. Additionally, you can also file several state returns with this free plan you will get with H&R Block without any added charges. In sharp contrast to it, in case you choose Turbotax over H&R Block, filing only one state return is possible at no added cost.

Furthermore, choosing H&R Block will also provide you with extensive and envious customer support. Also, you can avail of H&R Block’s live tax support from expert tax professionals.

Tax Act

You can also go for TaxAct if you are seeking an alternative to Turbotax. This software is well-known for its fantastic free basic plans. Here, you would get the opportunity of filing both federal and state return if you need a single state return, without any added charges. Also, you will get premium paid packages here, just like in Turbotax, that they offer their clients and customers.

TaxAct is go-to tax software for any investor, self-employed individuals or owners of rental real estates. However, in case you need user-friendly software, then Turbotax would be the best option you can find

Tax Slayer

TaxSlayer offers fewer packages than many other tax software like Turbotax but still stands out among the others. You can also avail of the Classic and Premium packages from TaxSlayer to dissolve all your tax-related worries. Besides, you can also avail a self-employed package to enjoy a bundle of extra features. Therefore, TaxSlayer is a great tool for many customers engaged in small business owners. There is also the Ultimate package from TaxSlayer choosing which will extend premium audit defense, identity theft protection services, unlimited phone, and email and chat support. These are some of the best tax software you can avail today. However, it is essential that you research the software and weigh them with your requirements to opt for the best software! Reach out and choose the one that best fits your requirement

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