Introducing Hart Marine

Here at Hart Marine, we manufacture pilot boats of unparalleled quality. From their expert European design to their superior Australian manufacture, to their performance on the high seas, our pilot boats exceed all expectations. Keep on reading to find out why Hart Marine is the pilot boats of choice of the Australian Police and the European Armed Forces.

Hart Marine was founded on a family passion. With a harbourmaster for a father and brother working as a pilot, it was only fitting that shipwright Mal Hart would specialise in the building of pilot boats. After many years of building, professionally racing high-performance yachts and working with high-tech composite material, Mal Hart realised a dream that was in his blood. Today there is a confidence and sophistication to the vessels that are slipped from Hart Marine, born from these years of experience. Hart Marine specialises in the manufacture of high-performance craft built to withstand all weather conditions in the high-stakes operation of delivering pilots to ships. Hart Marine pilot boats are built to live up to and even exceed their world-class specifications.

Hart Marine collaborates with French naval architects Pantocarene France to build our high-performance pilot boats. Our ORC Pilot and ORC Pilot Police Boat feature innovations in self-righting technology, maneuverability, wide side decks with Ocean 3 fender systems for ease of pilot transfer, and suspended wheelhouses that reduce noise, vibration and crew fatigue. Exceptional stability along with a wide waterline, drought population, endurance, and wave-piercing beak bow to minimise pitching, are what makes Hart Marine vessels unique. Their sea-keeping characteristics have made our vessels highly sought after by the Australian Police, the European Armed Forces, search and rescue services, and other high stakes operations.

Our ORC Pilot and ORC Pilot Police Boat are also exceptional below decks. They come with a spacious compartment that has excellent air volume controls, a dinette with a secondary function as a plotting station, and a well-functioning galley. The dash has a logical layout that promotes quick mastery of both technology and controls. Below and ahead of the wheelhouse is overnight accommodation consisting of two-berth cabins and a well-equipped bathroom fed from a 300-liter freshwater supply. Our vessels are engineered to be comfortable even in heavy-duty situations.

Our pilot boats have been put to the test and passed with flying colours in all their applications. Their comprehensive safety features, speed and agility have resulted in our vessels being dubbed the “pocket battleships”.

If you would like to learn more about our story or arrange the manufacture of your own pilot boat, please contact us here.

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