Improve Collections in The Long Run with Streamlined Infusion Prior Authorization

The latest rate of improper payments for Power Mobility devices stands at 47%. Insufficient documentation and errors with medical necessity are major challenges to it. As a supplier, it must be a pain to worry about your rising DSO’s. Making sure all your pre and post-billing efforts are in order remains a top priority to reduce your rising costs in operations.

Things are not too different around the infusion space! Providers now are looking for viable solutions that can eliminate practice management worries and reduce days in receiving payments correctly on time.

What you need is a competent vendor who can assist in the front end part with activities like infusion prior authorization, checking of eligibilities on time, managing order intake, and conformation which takes care of back end activities like managing of denials and collections.

What is the Sunknowledge difference?

At present we have a full-fledged team that can take care of all your infusion revenue cycle management worries. With over 100’s clients and that too with testimonials from their end, we have made sure that all your front as well as back end needs are addressed by experienced vendors. Moreover, we know what it takes to drive your collections by getting all your infusion prior authorization approved on time. At present, at just $7 per hour, we do it all right from initiating the authorization request, getting it validated on time, contacting the insurance, and updating the outcome in the billing system.

Also, our team has the perfect plan to work out a streamlined front-end effort that stabilizes your back-end work. To improve your collections, we guarantee a quick and accurate authorization process of up to 95%. Our references will tell you how we have reduced their overall operational expenses by 97% and boosted your ROI as a reliable operational extension.

Reach out to our team and come to know our unique value! We know how to drive your cash with our specialized intervention. Schedule a demonstration right now and get to know what makes us special in the healthcare revenue cycle management space.

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