Incredible health benefits of pilates!

Pilates, an exercise that concentrates on muscular balance, offer incredible health benefits to the body and brain. Pilates include controlled and slow movements, and ensure the muscles of the body stretch and lengthen in a well-balanced manner. The uniqueness of pilate exercise is that it never requires the muscles to work until exhaustion. All it demands is concentration and focus.

Pilates suits everyone, from beginner to advanced and kids to the elderly. Not many are familiar with the valuable advantages of pilate exercise. Be it aerobic or non-aerobic exercise, the benefits it does to your body and mind will make you hit the pilate studio again and again. Here presented are the incredible health benefits of practicing pilates every day.

  1.  Pilates tones and strengthens the muscles.

Regularly practicing pilate exercise improves the strength of muscles, especially the core muscles i.e., abdominal muscles, lower back, buttocks, and hips. The pilate workout loosens the compressed and tight muscles of your body and makes you more conscious of your body. A strong pelvic floor is significant for everyone, especially women. Severe problems like incontinence and organ prolapse arise due to a weak pelvic floor. Pilate exercise helps you lift, support, and strengthen your pelvic floor. It’s probably the best way to support your pelvic floor.

  • Pilates works exceptionally great for asthmatic people.

People often neglect inefficient breathing. It often leads to irreparable damage and sometimes to death. People suffering from breathing problems like asthma need to look after this problem. Pilates is a natural, affordable, and convenient solution for asthmatic patients. Regularly practicing pilate helps asthmatic patients improve their breathing stamina. Pilates makes the individuals capable of engaging themselves in various forms of exercises like running, skipping, dancing, and yoga, which previously was impossible to be done. Pilates enhances circulation and lung capacity via deep breathing. Pilates is undoubtedly the best choice for asthmatic people.

  • Pilates enhances sports performance too.

Pilates enables the individual to condition his/her complete body. Not even one muscle of the body is left unconditioned or unbalanced. Pilates not only strengthens and elongates the muscles but also improves the flexibility, elasticity, and mobility of the same. It improves the balance and physical coordination of the body, stabilization of the spine, and posture.  A flexible is less susceptible to injuries and chronic back pain. Thus, adding pilates to the daily regimen helps the person improve his/her sports performance to a great extent.

  • Pilates benefits the mental health and status of an individual.

As discussed above, pilates improves the breathing stamina of an individual. Efficient breathing induces a sense of mindfulness, thereby improving the memory power and the ability of the body to respond to stress. Pilates influences the release of serotonin, endorphins, and cortisol in the brain with which the stress levels in the body are reduced greatly. It is thus evident that pilates also benefits the mental health of an individual implying that it could be beneficial in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

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