Increase Customer Footfalls With A POS Software Solution

The retail business ecosystem is constantly changing, and so are the demands of customers. Consumers have the freedom to purchase products from any store that they want, yet they frequent only a few stores. 

There are many factors that drive them towards a specific retail establishment. It can include ease of payment, service quality, adequate inventory stock, and more. The more these factors are satisfied, the more likely they are to visit the same store again.

It can be a cumbersome task to ensure that customers are completely happy shopping at your store. Especially if you do it manually. On the flip side, the task is more simpler and streamlined when you use a POS software solution. They contain robust features that allow you to improve customer experience. As a result, POS solutions help you increase customer footfalls, generating more profits. 

In this article, we discuss how POS software solutions help in customer retention and in attracting new ones.

The right inventory

Customers may have a personal preference for a particular brand of products. That means they are likely to only buy those items. Given this, it can leave them frustrated when their favorite products are unavailable at a retail store. And if the products are out of stock time and time again, it will deter customers from shopping at that store.

Point of Sale software solutions helps keep an effective track of inventory. In addition to that, they provide insights into your product sales. They reveal valuable information such as what products are sold the most, sold the least, what products are trending, and more. Using this data, you can stock up on items that align with the interests of your customers.

Push notifications

Adding brand new products to the inventory, offering discounts, and premium shopping subscriptions are great ways of engaging customers. But they make an insignificant impact when they are unknown to customers. As your promotions are targeted towards customers, it is important to ensure that they reach them.

Retail billing software solutions allow you to create custom SMS and emails. On creating them, the software lets you send them to a large email list and phone numbers at the click of a button. This makes the process of engaging your customers a hassle-free process.

Create personalized offers

Personalized offers do wonders at increasing customer satisfaction in a short period of time. They can include discounts based on :

  • Purchase volumes.
  • Important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Lucky draws

Such offers encourage customers to shop in order to avail of those discounts.

POS solutions allow you to create personalized offers easily. After deploying the offers, you will be able to look at how they are performing. Reports on the offers will reveal how much of a favorite they are among customers, which offers are not faring well, and more.

Customer feedback

Reports and analytics can show you what your retail store needs to improve on to attract more customers. This feature uses logic to interpret meaningful information from large volumes of raw data. Another way in which you can gain a direct understanding of your customer needs is feedback.

Every time a customer makes a purchase, you can use a POS software solution to collect customer feedback. They can express their satisfaction either using stars or smileys. Additionally, they will also have the option to write a comment. Using the feedback, you can effectively optimize your operations according to the needs of your customers.

Enhance shopping experience

The shopping journey of your customers at your store is simple. They come in, browse products, pick them up, and checkout of your store. Any type of hurdle in this journey will affect their shopping experience. For example – haphazardly arranged inventory and long lines at the checkout counter.

POS systems not only ensure that you are stocked up on adequate inventory but also allow you to arrange inventory. You can place top-selling products at the front of the store for easy access. Furthermore, you can help customers easily checkout using the barcode scanners and multiple payment options that come with the POS software.


If you’re looking to increase customer footfalls at your store, then a POS system is the best solution for the job. It helps in engaging your customers with the latest developments in your store. And it helps them get more value for their money. All of this results in an increase in revenue. Get SmartPOS – the best, feature-rich, and easy-to-use POS solution from SmartPoint. It is reliable, cost-effective, and easily scalable. Contact them to know more.

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