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Inbound Marketing, a winning strategy?

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Inbound Marketing – How to get noticed in a saturated and ultra-competitive world? This is the main question that companies ask themselves when they have just launched a website or a product. It must be said that web referencing and net linking are often effective, but they can sometimes show their limits.

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In a context where more than 70% of clicks are made on results located on the first page of search engines, it is more appropriate to focus on more elaborate and more horizontal strategies in order to diversify customer acquisitions.

The best method to succeed in this project is undoubtedly inbound marketing which is, in simple terms, to bring the customer in oneself rather than going to seek it an unstoppable way to make sales and retain customers.

Inbound marketing, a seduction operation

Whoever says attracting customers is necessarily talking about a seduction operation. Indeed, Internet users never click on a link as long as it does not arouse their curiosity. To achieve this, we must above all break the monotony of linear communication. The most important thing is above all to stay alert and take advantage of the power of social networks in order to succeed in surfing the buzz at the right times. You can for example use social networks, a chat, average, tips or training.

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Above all, you have to create the unexpected, the unexpected, and for that, humor is very effective in the sense that it allows you to compromise on your target. Inbound marketing then appears as a marketing operation focused on the customer gained rather than on the customer who bought. As part of a digital communication strategy, it is a strategy that consists of delivering different messages, in different ways, and the goal is to support it during the different phases of product discovery.

Inbound marketing is a technique that identifies 5 categories of customers: the foreigner, the visitor, the prospect, the customer and the ambassador. Suddenly, the challenge will be to develop your prospects from one category to another, what is called the maturation phase.

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Inbound marketing, a sustainable communication strategy

The main advantage of inbound marketing is that it allows you to set up a sustainable communication strategy. Indeed, the investments you are going to make for your content will be valid for a fairly substantial period of time. In addition, if we know that a classic Google advertising campaign will only get you visits during a period and depending on your budget, inbound marketing is a strategy that allows you to get many visits as you go.

subset quaintly turn into leads. Suddenly, inbound marketing is a lasting investment with a return on investment that you will not find anywhere else. The advantage is that the content you are going to publish will form the basis of your multichannel communication and they can be adapted to different positions on social networks.

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Inbound all the way?

Whether for B2B or B2C, inbound marketing is an effective strategy to develop your business. It is above all an effective method that allows to generate new leads and especially to sell more products. You should know that your business website or your e-commerce site is the main place of your inbound marketing strategy, because it is the place where you can convert your prospects into customers.

 The ultimate goal is above all to bring them back to your site and above all to encourage them to carry out a commercial operation. It is therefore essential to monitor your e-commerce site in order to be aware of any changes and improvements to be made in the UX therm, for example, to achieve the objectives.

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A strategy to control the customer relationship and automate it

The most important thing in an inbound marketing strategy is mastery of the customer relationship and especially the automation of certain tasks such as sending emailing or launching after a download. In mastering customer relations, it is important not to try to improvise, but to really learn to animate and build customer loyalty. Indeed, your message should not be considered spam, but maintain constant relationships with your customers, even after having sold them a product. At Web Corporate, we allow you to have a perfect mastery of your customer relationship and especially to automate certain functions of your website.

Most important: identify your audience

Like any digital communication strategy, it is essential to identify your audience. Above all, this helps you understand what your prospects’ needs are, and for that you need to have information such as their age range, hobby and income. The latter is a significant element, because knowing the income of your customers allows you above all to target the products that will be more suited to their needs. Above all, the information collected on your prospects allows you to know more about their consumption habits.

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