Whether you are planning to emigrate permanently, are about to leave as an international student, like anyone else planning to move to Australia, there are some things you should do beforehand, or as soon as you set foot in Australia. The sooner you settle down, the better! There are a few things I would like to suggest you do while you are still at home, before leaving and moving to Australia, or at least in the first days of your adventure.

Open a bank account – before you arrive:

I would like to advise you to open a bank account before you even arrive in Australia. Some banks allow you to open an online bank account, without necessarily having an Australian address, while you are still in your home country. The bank of your choice will mail your debit card to you, so you’ll have convenient access to your money as soon as you land in Australia.

Buy an Australian SIM card – before you arrive:

In your first few days in Australia, you will have tons of things to do, and tons of calls to make too! A prepaid SIM card could give you instant access to the phone system. Having your smartphone, just reload the card once you land, and you will be immediately connected to your new life.

Receive your Tax File Number (TFN) – once you arrive in Australia:

Starting work or looking for a job is one of the most frequent reasons why people decide to move to Australia. The sooner you receive your Tax File Number, the better. You will not be able to receive any salary without this code. To submit the application, you will necessarily need to be physically in Australia, but really apply as soon as possible, that’s advice. For any advice for migration related consult with us.

Cost of living: Be careful – before your arrival:

Many newcomers to Australia get a real shock when they find out about product prices, especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Australian capital cities have some of the highest prices for property purchases in the world, which is why rents are so common. Basic necessities, such as food and transportation, are also very expensive. Even if you are a migrant with required and certified skills, or a student, you will not be able to find work immediately, or at least this does not usually happen. This is why I would recommend that you leave with an adequate amount of savings. Getting used to the high costs of living in Australia in advance could be a great help.

Improve your English – Before and after your arrival:

Whether you are looking for work or information on study courses once you have decided to move to Australia, whether you will board the plane tomorrow or are already in Australia, there is always a good time to improve your English. Being able to communicate in English with clarity and command of the language is a crucial factor in being successful in your new life.


From this point on in the article you will find a series of to do lists of important things to know and do before moving to Australia. This section of the article is the one that will help you get the best out of your preparations for departure.

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