Importance of hand sanitizer 

With the global breakdown of COVID-19, the importance of hand sanitizer has become integral among the people. Many people fall sick due to not washing hands properly, and it leads to spreading germs, bacteria that stay on our hands. The germs are present on the hard surface that enters our body when we touch any hard surface from hands where the bacteria lie. It is important to use an alcohol based hand sanitizer that helps to kill 99.9% of germs. 

Here are the few points that tell why hand sanitizer is important:

  1. Assures good health- Hand sanitizers promote good health and hygiene as it helps in killing the germs and bacteria. It is mandatory to put the hand sanitizers at the door entry while coming from outside. Other than this, it is crucial to keep the hand sanitizer at the kitchen and bathroom. Hand sanitizers in these areas are essential as they are the most used places by people. 
  2. Killing germs and bacteria- Hand sanitizers are useful in killing germs and bacteria and leads to healthy health. It is easy to use and travel friendly than washing hands with soaps. Thus, one should make a habit of washing hands with a hand sanitizer to avoid spreading germs.
  3. Reduce waste- Try to avoid using paper towels for cleaning hands or opening doors whereas, hand sanitizers should be used to a great extent when traveling around and should be placed near to the door, kitchen, and bathroom. 
  4. Kills bacteria in 30 seconds- The power of hand sanitizers is so large that it helps to kill the harmful bacteria in 30 seconds which, handwashing with soap does not do in 30 seconds. 
  5. Handwashing becomes easy- Hand sanitizers are easy to use, and thus, one can keep in their pocket while traveling around. Thus, handwashing becomes easy.
  6. Prevent illness or other diseases- Bacteria lie on our hands and when we touch our hands to our mouth, nose, eyes, there are many chances of falling sick or ill. Thus, one precaution that is crucial for everyone and thus, recommended by the doctor is to carry a hand sanitizer and often washing hands with water to prevent illness. 
  7. Children healthy- During this pandemic situation where everyone’s life is at risk. People should take the precaution of social distancing and wearing masks at public places and also the most important hand sanitizing should be given due importance. It will help to keep the children healthy and stay away from germs. 
  8. Less irritation on our skin- We often complain the skin dryness by washing hands with water so regular but, with the use of hand sanitizer, it helps to prevent the skin dullness and causes less irritation on our skin than washing with soap. 

To conclude-

Hand sanitizing is a must to keep good health and hygiene to avoid falling ill and spreading germs. It also reduces the absenteeism of employees in an organization. Thus the rinseless hand-sanitizers are handy and travel friendly. It kills 99.9% of germs and assures to keep good hygiene and health. 

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