Importance And Benefits Of Field Reporting App

It is very important for brands that have merchandisers, promoters, and other employees on the field to fulfil their reporting needs and at the same time, ensure that they are visiting the stores assigned to them and doing their duties right. Manually reporting all the data can be difficult considering all the different things that your frontline employees have to keep track of.  

When you rely on a manual reporting process, you leave too much to chance. Your employees can miss visiting some stores, which can significantly hamper their efficiency. Tracking employee attendance can also become difficult if you don’t have a good enough way to tell you that your employees have reported working. This is where a field reporting app comes into the picture. It provides your employees with an easy tool for reporting. It also helps you not only manage your field employees but also your business. With an employee tracking app, you equip your field staff with tools that can help them increase their productivity and maximise capabilities. They just need a field reporting app on their smartphone to manage their daily work.

An employee tracking app allows your employees to record attendance digitally. With this app, you won’t need a specialised system to track the attendance of your field employees. There are apps like FRAMe by PPMS that provides selfie-based attendance recording. So every day, your employees will have to take a selfie to mark their attendance. This is a good way for you to ensure that your employees are honestly reporting to work.

Field reporting apps also help your frontline employees to manage their work schedule in a way that they can make the most out of their work hours. Most of these apps provide field employee details about their daily visits – location, time, purpose, and more. This way, your employees can manage their time well and ensure that they don’t miss out on any visits. This is a smarter way of planning a day.

Your field employees need an app that can help them in planning their routes effectively. You wouldn’t want them to plan their routes based on what they know of the city. Just having the address of the store they need to visit won’t do. They need information about the best routes to reach a location as well as the options for saving travel time. An employee tracking app comes with GPS that allows your employees to find the best routes to reach a location while saving cost and time at the same time.

Field reporting apps also provide you with the ability to track your employees in real-time. You don’t need to call them up every time you want to know of their whereabouts. You can clearly see the routes that your employees have taken.

Employee tracking apps are the best solution available for collecting data about your frontline workforce and their work. You can also analyse this data and make it work for you.

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