Whenever we read, watch or listen to any content if it attracts and entertains us more it is effective content. Similarly when we write anything about our product services on any medium either it is on a web page, social media, email newsletter, advertisement content used in PPC marketing or any other medium it should be attractive Effective content is the content that engages, and helps to achieve our business goals.

Writing is not only limited to blogs and articles, but you should also give a good impressive content either it is video, images, or social media content.

Content is the medium by which you can attract your visitor and always write a paragraph considering your keywords like if your product is related to any beauty products user should understand what are you trying to convince him. Write catchy headlines so it attracts the reader.

If your web page is stuffed with keywords it will look spamming to the user and crawler. It affects the SERP and page ranking will go down user will consider it as a low-quality page and it also affects the bounce rate of the web page.

Tips to write an effective content

  • Use the languages, voices, fonts which are familiar to readers search on the particular keyword and get an idea of what users are asking using those keywords, and write it in a unique style with useful pieces of information. Use any keyword searching tools like Keyword planner and others to find the appropriate keywords.
  • Visual content is very useful many times users don’t read the content but by seeing the images they got the idea about everything, highlight the main points don’t write the lengthy descriptions Marketers who embrace visual content gain higher returns such as followers, likes, shares, visits, clients, and revenue.
  • Share the real-world examples, case studies, success stories, reviews by the customer.

Exploration shows that 91 percent of individuals normally or once in a while read online surveys, and 84 percent trust online feedbacks as much as an individual proposal. On that basis, they make a decision:68 percent audience made opinion after reading the online review by collecting feedback forms, surveys, criticism, honest feedback, and many others. 

  • Creating good content is a tough job in this competitive world, so be sure you should be aware of all the latest trends related to your topic so you can create the best content. Make your content precise with correct grammar, there should not be any grammatical mistake on your content Content should have correct passive voice, spellings, and grammar.
  • Interlinking is an important step while doing SEO of a web page, if you link your content to other pages users find it useful to read they will get all important information, the user will stay on the page for a long time .and it helps to boost up the SEO ranking. Google will consider it a good site because it will give an idea about the website structure. For establishing a hierarchy of your site use interlinking, by this, your google will give more importance to your valuable pages.
  • The headline of the content should be unique and eye-catching. Informative and catchy headlines give you an edge and will make your audience to go through your content. Good headlines inspire to write good content for our readers. So, always write a great headline.

So, these are some of the useful tips to write effective content which helps to increase the web ranking of the page. To become the best content writer always read the topics of your area of interest. Always read the latest trends on it, read books, articles audience reviews to gain knowledge, and thinking more about the audience’s point of view.

By arena95