How to Work in the United Arab Emirates Dubai

Working immersed in a culture very different from yours can be a very enriching and valuable life experience in both work and personal aspects. This adventure can take you to places where there is a strong contrast between tradition and extraordinary economic development achieved in record time thanks to the exploitation and commercialization of the quintessential energy source, oil. Furthermore, we are talking about one of the main gas exporting countries. We are referring to the United Arab Emirates Dubai (UAE). What steps do you have to take when you have found an interesting jobs in Dubai offer in one of the countries in which the most foreign workers provide their services?

Working in the United Arab Emirates Dubai

The usual channel for obtaining work and residence permits is through employment from here. The companies are in charge of legalizing the situation of the new employee. The principal thing that ought to be done is to get a new line of work offer and, once there is an understanding by the two players to begin, all the methods. By and large, it will likewise be the organization that is responsible for getting the applicant the convenience.

Costs are truly elevated. A visa can be acquired for a limit of ninety days yet it must be considered that once this period terminates; you can’t return until three additional months have passed. The visa process will be done at the UAE embassy.

Sectors and Working Conditions in the United Arab Emirates Dubai

Finance, technology, the energy sector, construction or tourism are activities where the demand for employment is very strong. Opportunities for cultural projects are beginning to open, since there is a great deficit of activities related to culture. University education is another area where with an international degree and an excellent level of English there are many employment opportunities.

The working day happens somewhere in the range of 8:30 and 17:30. Work starts on Sunday and rest days are Friday and Saturday. The exchange is open each day. During the period of Ramadan working hours are diminished to six. A large portion of the business contracts are two years in length with the chance of expansion.

Working in Abu Dhabi offers the advantage that the employer must provide health insurance, except for companies with less than 100 employees. To be able to drive you will have to take out your Emirate driving license. It is a simple procedure but it will include the Arabic translation of the documentation you need.

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