How to Use one Piece of Content into Multiple Marketing Campaigns?

How to Use one Piece of Content into Multiple Marketing Campaigns?

Doesn’t matter how your digital marketing strategy works for you, you always need to get smarter at creating content for meeting your custom needs. Especially, when it comes to content marketing and development techniques, the greatest challenge for the 2020 marketers is to maintain the consistency or their content that is both fresh and original in addition to paving the way for optimizing websites for search engines. The most difficult thing for marketers is to create and publish quality content. But it does not have to be out of your head when it comes to creating quality content at scale.

Many things become an obstacle for marketers while planning their content strategies such as lack of knowledge and lack of time. If you think that creating fresh, high-quality, and re-usable content for your marketing campaigns is a difficult challenge, then let us guide you here to work more strategically. Over the years, we have observed many marketers trying to maximize their content marketing campaigns using ineffective strategies. Don’t let yourself become a victim of your strategy; life can become good when you follow our simple strategies to use the content for multiple marketing campaigns.

What is Divisible Content? How does it Help Marketers in Campaigns

One of the most hilarious mistakes marketers make is to create a piece of content for single-use and treating it like a standalone piece. Every piece of content you create is important; most marketing people don’t realize that they can convert their standalone content into the reusable larger content ecosystem. It helps to understand a collective and cohesive content can be easily divided into reusable pieces; it is an effective approach to content creation in successful marketing agencies. This strategy can also help to create content and also develop multiple pieces of it to treat it like an asset for future usage.

Divisible content is almost reusable all the time and this approach can also help you to create a larger content ecosystem that helps your company to tell a more cohesive brand story. So instead of putting a lot of resources into one piece of content at a given time, you can use a more effective approach by using the divisible content. Let us elaborate more on the divisible content strategy and how it can also work for your digital marketing company?

1-Start with the Cornerstone Content

Staring the divisible content strategy is best with a larger piece of content. A divisible content strategy can also work best if you are starting with the best high-quality piece of content. This approach has been used by marketers in multiple ways and has been proven effective. For example, according to Search Engine Journal, most marketers already have some pieces of evergreen content that they can use again and again in their campaigns. You can comb your existing pieces of content and find out The evergreen content can include an ebook, a video you created on Christmas, or other in-depth product reviews.

The idea behind creating an evergreen divisible content is to create something new. Creating divisible content can help the right audience that you are trying to reach. Ideally, you need to create the divisible content that is good in length and can cover enough information. This content must be able to fill some gaps in the previously published content by your competitors and also brings fresh new solutions to the problems faced by your customers. If you think that you have enough data, then you can use it for filling the gaps.

If your marketing team is working on the content from scratch, that strategy will take much more time, and you will have to make sure that every piece of new content is comprehensive enough to give the readers a chance to listen to your viewpoint. Instead, using the divisible content items can save much time and resources.

2-Explore new Stories and Include your Own Business Story

In your divisible content, you can make sure that your content must include the most relevant information beneficial for the people you are targeting in the long run. The bottom line here is that richer the information in your content, easier it will be to divide it and use it in other campaigns. Even if you write some fitness blogs that are simpler and lighter; you can still use them again by addition to additional info and enhancing them.

A good strategy for creating stories is to identify how your product can help people who want to hear from you or reach you. What subjects or topics they most want to read about? What information you have previously given them that has made a difference in their lives? How can you even transform the existing content into more meaningful interesting pieces? The following type of content can give the readers to keep reading and benefit from your content.

  • Tips for improving their lives
  • How To content with tutorials
  • Education or informative topics/content
  • Interviews with your Marketing Director or the CEO
  • Data visualizations

Simplify the Messages

An effective marketing campaign is created around a single message. A good thing is not to do many things in one piece of content and stick to one or two ideas. Break the ideas into pieces and make clear what you want to say. Uncluttering your content calendar can be useful tactic to clear your head and start dividing your ideas into content pieces.

Choose the right Format for the content

Making a great impact with your content marketing campaign starts with delivering the right message at the right time. This means that format that you choose for your content matters a lot. You need to figure out what form each divisible content can take.

  • Find out where you will be promoting your campaigns.
  • What type of formats you can use best for those channels.
  • Are you willing to create the campaign yourself in-house or need a marketing agency?
  • What kind of stories you can create and tell your readers and what are the best formats for stories.
  • Scale a Video Across Multiple Channels

If you transcribe a video, you will find out that an average person speaks 150 words per minute. It is much easier to convey more words in less amount of time with videos than text. The video strategy needs you to record yourself using software or even an iPhone and save it. Now transcribe the video and easily create the content to distribute over multiple channels.

The Lesson Learned

The conclusion of the above discussion infers that divisible content is always easy to create and serves as the simplest form to create targetted content. Creating divisible content can help you work with less stress and provides an efficient and smarter way to work. Most SEO people rely on quality content for their websites and marketing campaigns to grow organically. With more and more content publishing these days, same old content does not provide a fresh perspective to your customers However, that does not imply that you should always start from scratch and create a new content piece every day. You can multiply the previous content pieces and ideas and further extend them to scale them across different marketing platforms. This can significantly help to improve your brand awareness and also promote your content strategy at scale. Therefore, using a previously published video related to your current topic can be as good as a new video if you use the video appropriately to scale through

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